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  1. Dave Kusek says:

    It is perhaps short sighted to make such a generalization. People who have helped artists craft and sell tens of millions of cds and have extraordinary performing and writing careers have an enormous amount to offer. If you are lucky enough to have a truly talented A&R rep or great producer who will tell you the truth and help you through the writing process, the chances for success go up a thousand fold.

  2. JerryJ Bobelli says:

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  3. martin bennett says:


    First of all thank you for a fantastic site.

    I would like some advice please.

    I have written a song and a record company wishes to publish it, I am going next week to sign the deal.

    I produced a demo and a lot of the demo has been directly recorded into the final product. The arrangement is unchanged. I wrote the words, music, programmed the drums and bass and played the piano and added some extra keys and a little backing vocal. We used an artiste already signed to the label to sing the track and I arranaged the harmony vocals which he sang also. The Producer has made a great job and added in some extra keys.
    The MD of the record company has suggested I should alocate a % to the producer for his input.
    I have no idea how this works and whether the % comes out of the songwriters royalty or whether it should come direct from the whole. I am confused as I am only concerned with the songwriting why he is asking me this. What do you thing the % should be and should it be part of my songwriting royalty even though he really just added some extra keys on top, no extra key riffs or anything. I paid for the producer upfront (well one days worth they paid the rest which was several days)

    Any help would be appreciated as I am totaly green and this song may well be a winner.

    Kind Regards and many thanks,


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