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“The New Artist Model really helped to get me organized. I was able to set up time tables for goals and feel more confident about the direction of my career. I’ve just had 40 Million Views on Facebook for a music video which I think is my 17th. It can take a long time to break through. Thanks for your guidance Dave!”

“Having worked with Eric Clapton, The Cure and many others, I have been part of the old music industry and the new one – I can testify that Dave takes the best of both worlds, presenting us with a toolkit that leads to success and a joyful and manageable artistic pathway. I recommend his courses whole-heartedly and unreserved as artist and business woman.”

“New Artist Model has changed my life forever. This is the best investment you can make for your career. It’s a leap of faith you have to take. The knowledge has given me so much confidence. How much is your dream worth? Priceless.”

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for creating the New Artist Model. You and your program have truly impacted my life on many levels. You’ve designed something that can significantly help artists build a sustainable career and should become the bible for every aspiring musician.”

“My musical career has gained momentum mostly because of the strategies NAM has helped me put in place to engage an audience, build my network, and plan my future. So, THANK YOU for helping me pay the bills with a career in music. This is the life I want, love and cherish.”

“The courses are amazing and anyone that wishes to earn a living from music NEEDS to sign up. These courses will significantly help aspiring musicians and give them a greater chance of earning a living from their music. You guys are doing a great job, so keep it up!”

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Go from Creativity to Commerce with New Artist Model

We believe that indie musicians deserve the same opportunities as label-supported artists. That’s why we created New Artist Model to level the playing field for musicians and pioneer a new approach to the music business. To help musicians promote your songs and develop the confidence you need to make career decisions for yourself so you don’t need to rely on anyone else for success. To help you find your stage and bring your music to a large audience who loves and appreciates what you do. To take you from creativity to commerce in steps you can manage. To empower you as an independent artist so that you can live a fulfilling life in music. 

I now have over 5000 followers. I have hundreds of people who are happy and eager to share my content, and because of I have 50,000 plays a day in less than two months. I wouldn’t have believed myself at this time last year if I knew where I would be today.” 

New Artist Model has changed my life forever. This is the best investment you can make for your career. It’s a leap of faith you have to take. The knowledge has given me so much confidence. How much is your dream worth? Priceless. After I applied Dave’s YouTube strategy my videos started to really take off. This last one has over 200,000 views!”

“I love what Dave is doing. It is intelligent. heart driven and serves the demands of an industry in flux. His empowering techniques are the foundation. The New Artist Model is refreshing. Dave correctly nailed the genre that we are running with for the song I Am Light (Celestial pop) which is currently finding a home on Top 40 radio formats in 15 countries and growing.”

“GREAT NEWS !!! You guys know I’ve been on tour, right, so for the months of March and April, I’ve been able to cover my rent AND my gas AND my food and other expenses through MY MUSIC !! I AM OFFICIALLY MAKING A LIVING DOING WHAT I LOVE ! Merci Dave ! your advice and inspiration has been invaluable to me ! keep pushing indie artists like me in that direction ;)”

“New Artist Model gives me a much better view of how the music industry really works. I use it to develop my own strategy to reach my personal goals using tools that are well within my reach. I’ve seen that my dreams are ACTUALLY possible! And though it’s a long way, I know what steps to take.”

“NAM is awesome. Dave is awesome.  I’ve learned to be the centre of a community (not a distant superstar , that the ‘story’ is AS important as the content in engaging an audience and that anything is possible. My musical career has gained momentum mostly because of the strategies NAM has helped me put in place to engage an audience, build my network, and plan my future. So, THANK YOU for helping me pay the bills with a career in music. This is the life I want, love and cherish.”

Artists can’t do everything, at least not at the same time. I’ve already started to strengthen my team in the first 3 weeks. it’s easy to fit in the schedule, accessible, entertaining, and insightful. I can login from phone, computer, etc. I wanted a system to MOVE forward in earning, credibility, and leveraging time to make an impact and this is it.

“Your course has changed my life. I must tell you that it was because of you and your gentle and supportive energy that my instincts told be to JOIN this group. This experience has introduced me to some of the most wonderful and giving individuals I’ve met to date.  If I did nothing else with this course I would already call this a huge success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Each lesson has surprised me with incredibly valuable advice. Dave has accomplished miracles in assembling so much valuable information in one course. I can’t speak highly enough about the value of the Program! Just the Facebook video alone is worth the price of the course! Having a unified strategy across platforms makes so much sense. Start it, you will be glad you did!”

“You have been such a great help and mentor since we joined the beginning of this year, and we greatly appreciate you. We are looking forward to this journey doing what we love and sharing love of music to the world!”

“Hey Guys, I bought New Artist Model program knowing absolutely nothing about the music industry and now several months later I am confidently managing my 19 yr old daughter Kristen’s music career. “

Tap into a Proven System for Music Success

New Artist Model is an online music business training school that you can use to promote your music and create a fantastic music career and share your music with the world. Start developing income and a fanbase faster than ever before.

We will show you how to focus on the 20% of things that will generate 80% of your results – and consequently you will see how to cut out everything else that eats away at your precious time.

Learn how to promote your music, license your music, produce your music, rock into retirement, start a second career, and book BETTER shows. Get sure-fire ways to get your fans EXCITED and turn them into superfans ready to support you so you can finally start living a life in music on YOUR OWN TERMS.

Learn the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to promote your music, build a team of people devoted to your music and ready to help you succeed – most of all we’re talking managers, publishers, record labels, and agents. So you can stop emailing and cold calling and set the groundwork that gets these people to come to YOU!

Meet Some New Artist Model Students

Been loving the Lucrative Home Studio course and it’s really eye opening for me. You just saved me $14,000’s on new speakers. You’ve really opened my eyes with quite a few things in the ear training as well… moving around the room to find the nodes where the bass sticks out, now that’s a genius idea.

Hey Gary thank you SO much! Working with you is changing my life 🙂 What I’m learning with you is opening my eyes in so many ways – not just in terms of learning the tricks of the trade, but also in terms of dispelling the lies that destroy confidence and creativity.  I owe so much of this to your amazing guidance.

Four of the seven tracks I sent made it into the show, and Eddie asked about putting the ones that didn’t get into the show into the catalogue … I’ll tell you, Gary, when I turned on the show and heard the first song … almost lost it. Lol. Told my students at school, and they watched it too. Really can’t say thanks enough.

I’m really enjoying the course so far. The videos have been awesome. I’m taking notes so I can APPLY what I’m learning right away on an EDM track. I finally see this as an art, and using my ears and tools creatively to get the emotions I’m looking for. It’s a real confidence booster. Thank you venerable master!

Hey Gary! This week, I actually have my first paying client who wants me to produce their song for them. And more that are interested. Can you believe it? Some amazingly gifted songwriters are letting me help them present their gift to the world! Thanks for all you do!

Hey Gary, to say I was impressed would fall WAY short!  The detail and in-depth approach you take to teach your members is really off the chart GREAT. You have a natural ability as an educator and you made it seem simple yet concise. Well done my friend!!!!

I’ve been in the music business for a long time having worked in many major studios on major productions. I’m not an engineer but you’re explanations of the technical side of engineering is really eye opening for me – a musician.

I am a music producer and have been looking for a mentor that could help me get my music placed in TV/Film. You’ve answered a lot of questions I was asking myself. I really want to make a living from my music by following the best mentors in the music industry.

Hi Gary. You’ve completely changed the way I approach music and recording now and my works improved greatly because of it. I feel very fortunate to have you as a mentor, you’ve helped me transition to a whole new working life that I didn’t think was possible.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge/tips/secrets. Your insight and experience as a producer is most valuable and provided significant depth/encouragement to a budding composer such as myself! Thank you for all that you do and for being an inspiration!”

Build Momentum with New Artist Model

We’ve put it all together for you in one place in a series of step-by-step courses – that you can follow, and get going as fast as you possibly can. Think of New Artist Model as a shortcut – one that get you making money and growing your fanbase, finding bigger and better gigs to play, produce better music, promote your music and promote your songs and live the life in music that you desire.

Plug these shortcuts, guides, tools, and checklists into your career so you can spend more time on the MUSIC. See how to focus on priorities, manage your time, develop confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment almost immediately.


We educate, inspire and empower musicians so that they can lead a fulfilling life in music and make a living doing what they love. New Artist Model is an online music business school that levels the playing field for independent musicians. New Artist Model will lead you into the new music industry where indie artists can get the opportunities you need to promote your music and grow your career. Our exclusive online training programs teach practical strategies and techniques for making a living in music. Get a better life in music and create the music career of your dreams. Learn everything you need to know about the music business and how to carve a unique path for your own career. Learn music business strategies that are working for indie artists around the world. Learn to think like an entrepreneur, promote your music and create your own plan and get the life in music you desire. New Artist Model provides practical college-level music business training at a mere fraction of the cost.

Are you trying to make a living in the music industry? Do you want to write hit songs? Do you want to start a record label or get signed? The New Artist Model online music business school provides training in music promotion, music management, artist management, music distribution, how to start a record label, booking gigs, booking agent, touring, gigging, live performance, how to book your own gigs, music publishing, copyright and licensing, how to license your music, online marketing, social media marketing, branding, brand building, streaming, spotify, pandora, itunes, amazon, how to get your music on spotify playlists, music merchandise, merch, merchandising, entrepreneurship, business management, artist manager, artist management, music management, recording, digital music, how to get a record deal, get signed, how to self release an album, crowd funding, crowdfunding, Instagram for musicians and much more. The New Artist Model will teach a musician, composer, songwriter, producer, promoter, or booking agent to think like an entrepreneur and run their music industry jobs and music careers like a business.

New Artist Model is a service of Frysh Entertainment Group, LLC