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The Lucrative Home Studio

lucrative home studio

Get Proficient Writing, Creating and Selling Music

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Create the Music You Hear in Your Head

lucrative home studio

Produce Broadcast Quality Radio-Ready Music

lucrative home studio

Establish Independence as an Artist

lucrative home studio

Prove the Naysayers all Wrong

lucrative home studio

Become a Superhero in the Studio

The Lucrative Home Studio will help you master the music production, and mixing and mastering skills you need to produce broadcast-ready music in your home studio that will stand up to anything on the radio, TV, or Spotify.  

Learn mixing and mastering techniques directly from award-winning producer Gary Gray and become proficient in the business, technical, and creative secrets of building and operating a successful home studio.

This 8 module online music production course will take your production chops WAY beyond tracking, mixing and mastering and help you produce your way to recognition and help you secure top clients for your home studio.

Game changing stuff. For anyone on the fence, do yourself a good service and join the Lucrative Home Studio course. It’s the best training you will get. – Lee Hepworth

Upgrade Your Ear – Not Your Gear

Online Music Production Course.

Taught by award-winning producer Gary Gray.

Produce your next hit in your home studio.

Learn how to mix and master.

Create radio-ready mixes very time.

Learn music production and develop confidence in your skills.

Learn the home studio setup of the pros.

Make more money from your home studio.

Master a business mindset and solid reputation.

Position your home studio so you stand out.

Consistently land high-paying studio clients.

Don’t take our word for it, check out what people say…

Been loving the Lucrative Home Studio course and it’s really eye opening for me. You just saved me $14,000’s on new speakers. You’ve really opened my eyes with quite a few things in the ear training as well… moving around the room to find the nodes where the bass sticks out, now that’s a genius idea.

Four of the seven tracks I sent made it into the show, and Eddie asked about putting the ones that didn’t get into the show into the catalogue … I’ll tell you, Gary, when I turned on the show and heard the first song … almost lost it. Lol. Told my students at school, and they watched it too. Really can’t say thanks enough.

I’m really enjoying the course so far. The videos have been awesome. I’m taking notes so I can APPLY what I’m learning right away on an EDM track. I finally see this as an art, and using my ears and tools creatively to get the emotions I’m looking for. It’s a real confidence booster. Thank you venerable master!

Hey Gary, to say I was impressed would fall WAY short!  The detail and in-depth approach you take to teach your members is really off the chart GREAT. You have a natural ability as an educator and you made it seem simple yet concise. Well done my friend!!!!

I’ve been in the music business for a long time having worked in many major studios on major productions. I’m not an engineer but you’re explanations of the technical side of engineering is really eye opening for me – a musician.

I am a music producer and have been looking for a mentor that could help me get my music placed in TV/Film. You’ve answered a lot of questions I was asking myself. I really want to make a living from my music by following the best mentors in the music industry.

Hey Gary thank you SO much! Working with you is changing my life 🙂 What I’m learning with you is opening my eyes in so many ways – not just in terms of learning the tricks of the trade, but also in terms of dispelling the lies that destroy confidence and creativity.  I owe so much of this to your amazing guidance.

Hey Gary! This week, I actually have my first paying client who wants me to produce their song for them. And more that are interested. Can you believe it? Some amazingly gifted songwriters are letting me help them present their gift to the world! Thanks for all you do!

Hi Gary. You’ve completely changed the way I approach music and recording now and my works improved greatly because of it. I feel very fortunate to have you as a mentor, you’ve helped me transition to a whole new working life that I didn’t think was possible.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge/tips/secrets. Your insight and experience as a producer is most valuable and provided significant depth/encouragement to a budding composer such as myself! Thank you for all that you do and for being an inspiration!”

I am reading “The Home Studio Bible” and when you tell the story of the serendipitous meeting with Quincy Jones, one of my most cherished inspirations (including Michael Jackson), on the eve of submitting Chapter One and you asked Quincy what words of wisdom he would want you to share with all of us…I am moved to tears! And joy! I am in the right place, at the right time, with the right mentor (s). I’m so grateful.

“The Lucrative Home Studio is filling all the gaps that I had even after working in one of the last holy grails of recording studios. IT IS FLIPPING AMAZING! I am so grateful for this work.”

Learn how to build a state-of-the-art, home studio that consistently produces top-quality and professional recordings, so you can STOP shelling out thousands of dollars to record, mix, and master your music.

YOU are the most vital link in the chain of music production.

As you study music production, you’ll learn how to confidently wear the hats of the producer, audio engineer, AND mastering engineer by relying on your EAR, not your gear. This simple audio mixing mindset will allow you to get high-end studio sounds with inexpensive gear and stock plugins. 

And, if you want to attract clients, you’ll learn the easy steps to upgrade your home studio business. You’ll learn how to find serious, repeat clients for your home recording studio, and develop a profitable home studio.

Who is this music production course for?

Solo Artist or Band Member

If you want to record your own music at home but have been unable to achieve the production quality you hear in your head, this course is for you. Learn how to compete in the marketplace, get the deals you’re looking for, get licensing placements, increase your odds of viral media views, and get your music on the streaming charts.

Home Studio Owner

If you own a home studio and want to land lucrative projects and keep your clients happy and coming back for more, this course is for you. You’ll learn how to confidently produce, mix and master by relying on your ear, not your gear. Learn how to combine the business, technical, and creative aspects of a lucrative home studio.


Gary Gray is an award winning composer, music producer and audio engineer. He’s produced multiple projects for 20th Century Fox, Disney, Hollywood Records, A&E, EMI, CBS and many others all in a home studio that cost him less than $2,000 to build.

Gary grew up in Cleveland, Ohio as a prodigy drummer and was raised on symphonic classical music, R&B, rock and roll and big band jazz. Gary’s first job was playing drums for Berry Gordy at Motown Records in Los Angeles.

Gary himself has been mentored by Phil Ramone, Quincy Jones, Jermaine Jackson and Phil Collins. Gary honed his marketing savvy as the advertising and promotions manager for Music Connection Magazine. He has always enjoyed “both sides of the desk” in the music business.

Having taught music since the age of 16, Gary not only walks the walk, he is also widely regarded as an exceptional mentor for composers, songwriters, musicians, producers, vocalists, and recording engineers. Gary brings you real solutions to real problems that home studio owners all over the world have benefited from.

music producer gary gray

lucrative home studio

Why Enroll in this Music Production Course?

  • Upgrade your EAR with professional audio mixing techniques that will save you time and money and set you apart.
  • Learn how to be both a great music producer AND a great sound engineer. (Yes, you can be both!)
  • Learn step-by-step how to mix and master radio-ready recordings from your home studio.
  • Build or upgrade a home music studio to industry standards without wasting money (including room prep, plans, gear, and equipment).
  • Develop a 6-figure money-making machine with your home studio.
  • Feel more confident in your producing, mixing, and mastering abilities.
  • Turn any space into a profitable home studio and avoid the big home studio myths that will waste you thousands of dollars.
  • Learn how to price your music production services confidently to ensure you get adequately paid for your work.
  • Get bands and clients willing to pay for your mixing, mastering, and production skills to come to YOU.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and negotiate with studio clients and close more deals.
  • Develop a business mindset and solid reputation that will keep studio clients coming back.
  • Get a system in place to manage your home studio’s income, expenses, bookings, and administration.
  • Find your niche and position your home studio to consistently land high-paying clients that compliment your skill level and expertise.


8 Modules of In-Depth Music Production Training with over 50+ Video Lessons

Learn tracking and audio mixing techniques including compression, equalization, adjusting intonation, A/B’ing, how to use effects, how to mix, how to master, PLUS how to effectively operate a studio business including sales and marketing and how to find and close clients.

The Lucrative Home Studio is chock-full of mixing and mastering secrets that will up the quality of your mixes and level-up your home studio. and develop your mixing, mastering, and production skill sets so you can consistently produce top-quality recordings again and again.

Gary will teach you how to produce your way to profit by mastering the business, technical, and creative secrets of consistently producing radio-ready recordings that keep your clients happy and coming back for more.

The Lucrative Home Studio will teach you how to focus on the home studio essentials and build or upgrade an affordable home studio.

Step inside Gary’s own Lucrative Home Studio and get a fully detailed private video tour of his working studio and home studio equipment — showing each item in the studio and the music studio setup. You’ll learn how each piece of recording studio equipment relates to the business-end of setting-up and operating a successful home studio.


Module 1: The Big Picture (Breaking thru myths that hold you back)
  >> The truths that can make or break your home studio business

Module 2: Your Top Two Priorities
  >> The secret weapons of attitude and actions and true confidence

Module 3: How to Effectively Create Great Recordings in Your Home Studio
  >> Mixing, A/B’ing, intonation, eq, delay, doubling, reverb, parallel compression

Module 4: How to Master a Song (Yes, You Can Do It)
  >> The art and science of mastering

Module 5: Music Production Ear Training (Upgrade your EAR, not your GEAR)
  >> 10 downloadable ear upgrade exercises

Module 6: How to Set Up and Operate Your Lucrative Home Studio
  >> Building, upgrading and selecting gear (and how to avoid overspending)

Module 7: If You Already Have a Home Studio but it’s Sputtering and Limping
  >> Optimizing to improve the quality of your studio and recordings

Module 8: How to Operate a Lucrative Home Studio Servicing Happy Clients
  >> Sales, buyer types, closing clients, admin and passive Income

Step inside Gary’s Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

See everything Gary does step-by-step to mix and master his tracks in an easy-to-follow video format with plenty of visual examples to follow along with. Get in-depth technical training and music production tools that you can use in your home studio to get that million-dollar sound.

10 Music Production Ear Training Exercises

This course will provide an opportunity for you to totally “UPGRADE” your ears. Gary will help you develop unshakable confidence in your ear so you can pump out high quality mixes with any home studio setup. You’ll learn how to consistently focus on the single largest issues at any point in your mix with his unique Music Production Ear Training Exercises. These downloadable exercises and practice tracks will set you apart and build your confidence to mix, master and produce “radio-ready” music in any situation.

Downloadable Ear Training Exercises

  1. Enlightenment
  2. Checkerboard A/B by Genre
  3. Checkerboard A/B of References
  4. “Iowa Ears” & Emotional Flow
  5. Low End Mastery
  6. The Mid Frequencies
  7. Annoying High End vs. A Nice Buttery Polish
  8. A/B’ing Speakers
  9. Rhythmic Anomalies & The Myth of “Human Feel”
  10. Amazing Artist Development For Singers

☆ OPTIONAL – Music Production for Licensing ☆

  • 6 full months of live coaching call training to help you master music production for Licensing.
  • Get Gary Gray as your music production mentor and coach.
  • Each month Gary will present a new topic and give you the chance to ask him any questions you have about your music or your home studio business and clients.


The Home Studio Bible

  • Get 180+ pages of music production and audio engineering secrets.
  • Get 30 years of music production experience in 30 Days.
  • Read one page per day and in one month you will know more about music production than 75% of producers in the market.
home studio bible

Downloadable Home Studio Layouts

  • Templates and Diagrams for your home studio
  • Home Studio Vital Element Layout and Priorities
  • Sound Treatment vs Soundproofing


The Lucrative Home Studio will teach you how to be a better producer by mastering the business, technical, and creative secrets of consistently producing radio-ready recordings every time.

If you’re in a band and looking for a way to consistently get that same radio-ready recording quality you get from high-end professional studios – in your home recording studio without shelling out a ton of cash, take this course and put yourself in a position of incredible value to your band.

Imagine the kind of freedom that will give you in your career. You’ll be free to experiment musically without feeling like you’re on the clock and you’ll have total creative control over how your music is recorded and mixed.

If you want to attract and retain high-paying clients like production companies, ad agencies, corporate and label gigs, take this course and put yourself in a position to prosper.

Imagine what it would feel like to stand out from the other studios, both for your professionalism and your skills, and book the projects that bring in the big bucks.

Enroll in The Lucrative Home Studio and UPGRADE YOURSELF. Improve everything with a plan that will set you on a path to success.


What separates really successful home studios from the rest? What’s really the secret to getting that professional, million-dollar studio sound from your bedroom recording studio? What is going to help your home studio stand apart, so you can crank out hits and attract high paying bands and clients?

I’m going to tell you right now it’s NOT all about your gear. The answer is a lot simpler (and a lot more affordable). Let me explain…

Look, with all the incredible music that’s released everyday, it’s easy to feel frustrated – like the tracks you produce just don’t make the cut. Try as you may, you just can’t seem to get that polished radio-ready sound.

You want to be able to work a song from start to finish. To track instruments and vocals, to create the perfect mix, and to master your tracks to industry standards that make people say “wow”.

You think your home studio should be a state-of-the-art facility that can deliver across any genre or situation. But you just can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars for the top-of-the-line music recording equipment and plugins all the pros swear by.

Or maybe you already have a home studio and are tired of working 100 hour weeks on soul-destroying projects for people who don’t appreciate your work. You can’t seem to charge what it takes to make a decent living and you can’t attract your next-level clients who can really pay the bills.

What you need is a reliable home studio setup that does the job while avoiding all the gear traps and myths that leave many home studio owners deep in debt.

Because here’s the secret: the gear you use plays a very small role in how much you can achieve with your home studio.

What you need are the production skills, a well-trained ear, along with a business mindset and the kind of confidence in yourself that creates success. If you have all that, you can produce top-quality recordings and attract high-paying clients with even the most basic gear.

If you want to increase your success in the world of music production then it behooves you to approach your craft, and your business, from the viewpoint of enhancing, as a top priority, the most vital link in the chain of music production and the business of music: YOU.

YOU are the most vital link in the chain of music production.

Don’t believe us? Lucrative Home Studio instructor Gary Gray made 5 figures in his first year of operating an incomplete home studio.

Gary didn’t invest in soundproofing or upgrading his rig until after he had made a significant amount of money producing tracks for clients like Disney Music Group and 20th Century Fox. FIVE FIGURES EARNED on a setup that initially cost him less than $2000.

With his fully digital home studio, Gary’s been able to mimic analog recordings of million-dollar hit songs that fool even the producers of the original tracks. And THAT is the kind of expertise and confidence you will get from the Lucrative Home Studio course.

The Lucrative Home Studio is built on three principles:

Upgrade your ear, not your gear.
A lot of music production colleges will tell you to go out and buy a bunch of specific plugins… In the Lucrative Home Studio you’ll work with what you have. We will help you develop unshakable confidence in your ear so you can pump out high quality mixes with any setup. You’ll learn how to consistently focus on the single largest issues at any point in your mix with our unique Music Production Ear Training Exercises.

Reach across genres.
There is incredible power in being able to tap into the wisdom and experience of others across the musical spectrum. We will show you how to reach across genres and push the boundaries of your own potential and expertise by identifying and pulling advantageous ideas from other genres.

Master business, creativity and technology.
In the Lucrative Home Studio course, you WILL learn production tips and tricks that will make your tracks stand out from a technical standpoint. But you’ll also go way beyond that and learn the secrets to seamlessly managing a home studio enterprise from sales and operations, administration, marketing, networking and closing clients. Creativity and business go hand-in-hand, and how you interact with clients and potential studio clients and how you organize your business will make a HUGE impact on the success of your home studio.

What if I sign up and don’t like it?
We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – sign up for either version of the Lucrative Home Studio and if for any reason you don’t think it’s for you – just ask for your money back within 30 days and receive a complete refund.

Why should I sign up for the Coaching Version?

With the optional Coaching Calls, you’ll get a music production mentorship. Gary can dig much deeper into your situation and actually show you how things are done, walk through examples with your music, and brainstorm ideas with you in real time. Plus, he will ask you questions about your situation, giving him a better idea of what you need to move forward. In short, you will get a much more detailed analysis of your unique situation and clearly resolve any issues you may be having with your home studio, your music and your clients over a 6 month period.

What if I can’t make a Coaching Call?
That’s okay! We know life can get in the way so we record every Coaching Call and make the video available in the Coaching Call archive library which you will have 24X7 access to for the entire 6 months. You can also submit any questions you have ahead of time, even if you can’t make the live call, and watch the recorded video to get your answers as if you were there.

Is there any software I need to participate in the Coaching Calls?
We use a video conferencing program called Zoom. It is free to download at You can use your phone, computer or laptop to join in the call, so long as you are connected to the internet.

Can I continue with Coaching after my 6 months are over?
Yes! You will have the opportunity to extend your Coaching Calls and add on another 6 months should you choose to continue. Gary can be your mentor for as long as you wish.