Mike Tunnicliffe is a senior marketing executive with experience operating with media platforms, brands and ad agencies in almost every major global market. Mike has been developing new businesses at the intersection between brands, technology and entertainment. Mike runs two management companies SAS Digital and Tuna Music, through which he works with entertainment brands and technology companies to generate new revenue streams. Clients / partner companies include / have included: The Filament entertainment Group, StarGreetz, Sanctuary Artist Management, Ricall (the worlds largest B2B Music licensing database), Carat North America / Aegis Media, Omnicom Media Group, ADV Advertising Holdings (Russia), JSM Music, 19 Management (creators of American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, The Spice Girls), and a number of Fortune 500 client companies and well known musical artists including Paula Abdul, Marie Digby, Hanson, Lil’ Kim and Michael Bublé amongst others.

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