Mark Holden is the former president and CEO of Hip Digital Media. Mark has over 30 years of experience with strategic technology & media development in the music, entertainment and film industries. Previously, Mark was Vice President of iTiva Development Corp., an interactive internet content distribution company. Previous to iTiva, Mark was responsible for content acquisition and development at E-Zone Networks. As part of the executive team he grew E-Zone’s valuation in excess of 100 million dollars from inception. Mark was the co-founder of Msound International, the first company to develop a digital sound card for PC’s.
As a successful musician and engineer, Mark has worked internationally as a music producer and recording artist. Mark also plays an active role in cultural and community development and has held various directorships and board positions. Mark is a competitive triathlete, and is also involved with numerous charities and is actively involved in fundraising initiatives for the Canadian Cancer Society.

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