I did a radio show yesterday on NPR on the Future of Music along with Jeff Price from Tunecore and Tim Westergren from Pandora. You can listen to the show online here or download an MP3 of the show.

In a 2002 New York Times article, David Bowie said that “music itself is going to become like running water or electricity….it doesn’t matter if you think it’s exciting or not; it’s what is going to happen.” Now, seven years later, the music industry has continued its rapid metamorphosis. Often referred to as an industry in crisis, coming up Where We Live, we’ll be talking with writers and innovators who say the business of making music has never been better. Ignore the closed up Virgin MegaStore in cities across the country—listening to and making music is still big business. David Kusek, author of The Future of Music: Manifestor for the Digital Music Revolution joins us to talk about the new truths that govern the music world. Also, The founders of Pandora and TuneCore chime in and we’ll be joined in-studio by WNPR’s own Anthony Fantano. From the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network.

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  1. Jon Ostrow says:

    This should be an exciting radio show! I think David Bowie is correct; music will never die, it will never go any where. It will always be here, as he said ‘like running water or electricity’. But, to me, that also presents a problem in that as we all become used to music always being there, the less we strive to make something new or unique out of it. When was the last time someone made a big fuss about running water or electricity? Hopefully this doesn’t happen to music as well.

  2. Madonna says:

    I’m a Pandora megafan, I listen to all my music at work on there…It will be interesting to hear from Tim Westergren. I’ll give it a listen!

  3. Seth Tehan says:

    I read a couple of weeks ago that Universal and several other major players are going to start subscriptions to their music. Much like a magazine subscription, the user will have access to unlimited downloads via their subscription. It’s well on it’s way to water!

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