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Last Friday I was interviewed by Dr. Amy Vanderbilt @DrAmyVanderbilt from the Trend POV Show where we discussed the changing distribution in the music industry and what it means for businesses everywhere.  Here you go:

Check out lots of great interviews on trends in business at Trend POV.

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  1. swamp-yankee says:

    2009, no new model, and technology races on…2010, no new model, 2011, no new model…”meet the new boss, same as the old boss”- Pete Townsend.

  2. Funke says:

    Hello Coco! Let me know if you’re still in Vancouver on 07/22. Would love to invite you to a local event if you’re itrsteened =)(I know you must get that all them time, just thought I’d try! I hope you are enjoying your time here!)

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