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I did some interviews recently with Jacob Templin from Time Magazine about the realities of the music business today and what is working for some bands.

Here is one of the videos.  Unfortunately you have to endure a 15 second ad before viewing the story.

With hit songs like Code Monkey, the software developer turned musician turned internet superstar Jonathan Coulton has figured out how to market his music online. His strategy: Give music away and let people play with it.

There are two other videos on the website.  Enjoy.

1) Progressive rock band Umphrey’s McGee gives fans a chance to take part in its live shows. All they need is a cell phone and an idea.
2) The New Orleans trombone rock band Bonerama is playing a private show for Julia Lunetta’s thirtieth birthday. It’s part of a program that offers fans unique experiences with the band at premium rates

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  1. Helen Austin says:

    This is a great documentary on something that I really believe in. You get told all the time to be careful that people are going to steal your music but as long as people are listening to my music I am happy… that is why I write music. If I can make some money too, then great, but I would rather people buy it because they want to, not because that is the only way to get it.

  2. Bob says:

    That’s great Helen, but you need money to make music. You need a lot of money to make great music. That’s how it is.

  3. swamp-yankee says:

    When a viable business model emerges, it will have to include room for third party music entrepreneurs to exploit some income, or musicians will be forced to wear too many hats to engage the marketplace properly and still have time to produce quality music.

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