Noy much to do about music, but oh-so-interesting visualization of the past year. I love when you can see it in pictures.

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  1. Curt says:

    Amazing how fast things move in the digital age. Makes one wonder what the next five years will bring? Just talking with the kids the other day and they had a funny look on their faces when we were talking about when I was their age that we still had phones with cords! I worked at the IBM site in Boca Raton when the first PC’s were coming off the line. A far cry from what’s available today – Both in h/w and s/w.

  2. andreas says:

    Why are all the logos of successful or promising Web companies cutesy and soft? Is there an undocumented kawaii-infestation of western-based social media going on?
    Mind you, the Firefox gets me every time I go Exploring on a web-Safari.
    thx for a great blog.

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