The flat rate for music is a certainty and we will see it become a reality in the next 2 years, so… get ready.

New business models that are based on attention-revenues not copy-revenues must be developed asap – and this is not an easy mission during these times of transition.

The artists and their managers, the traditional master recording rights holders and composers and publishers, as well as the many organizations that represent them must collaborate much more in-depth than ever before – and most likely the master and composition rights societies will need to actually merge to make this work.

Hold on, I’m coming: the digital music flat rate is imminent – from Gerd Leonhard Here.

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  1. Claus says:

    Hi Dave! Interesting blog!! It’s really interesting to follow the music industry these days.. No doubt that new business models MUST be made… Thanks for the post!

    Best regards, Claus

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