Ok, while not exactly on topic, the following report from Phil Leigh at Inside Digital Media on the Future of Newspapers illustrates some of the same challenges the record business is facing.  Interesting reading.  From the conclusion:

To conclude, despite shrinking circulation and layoffs, it’s a great time to be in the newspaper business. There’s an unprecedented opportunity to transform readers into audience. Pre-roll ads are stunningly lucrative, partly because the CPM rates match those of television. Conversely, production costs for newspaper video (and audio) provided by their own reporters, as well as third parties, are quite low. Instead of worrying about layoffs, those reporters who produce good podcasts might well become media personalities. I’d bet $100 against a good Cuban cigar that some will become popular enough to be picked-up by television networks.

In short, as a Pogo cartoon character once put it, newspapers will soon find themselves “overwhelmed by insurmountable opportunity”.   

Get the PDF file here.

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