I got this email from my friend Jill Sobule about inviting fans into the studio to watch them record.

“Hello feller fans and friends,

Wanna make a record with me? Want to see what it’s like in the studio? Wanna be a bad-ass and brag to your friends? Well…in Los Angeles on April 11th the amazing John Doe and I are each making recordings, w/ the same band, in the same day ! ! Not only would you create the good vibe–helping us get a great performance-but you would have a rare look behind the scenes, experiencing the recording process first hand, in the same room with us while we record. Does that sound good? We have a killer band, including Don Was on bass and Doug Pettibone on guitar. We’re paying for the studio & musicians by inviting fans to the session.”

Jill and John are inviting 40 fans to buy tickets to both participate and observe an exclusive recording session with Grammy-award winning producer, engineer, and mixer Dave Way on Sunday April 11th in Los Angeles. They have a couple of different paths to experiencing the studio with the artists:

For recording engineers, DIY musicians or anyone that wants to see it from the ground up. Only 10 tickets are available.


For aspiring producers, songwriters, amongst others. Only 15 tickets available.


Here’s a level for the person who simply loves music. Only 15 tickets available.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Techdirt picked up on this as part of their Connect with Fans (CwF) and give them a Reason to Buy (RtB). CwF+RtB=$$$ experiment.  Interesting comments on this post from Techdirt.

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  1. Jerry Gates says:

    So…this is what it comes down to?

    Have the fans pay for your recording session? It is either insane or it is genius marketing – there is quite a fine line between the two sometimes! And what will happen to the product after it is recorded and paid for by the fans? Why, sold back to them to buy!

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