Great to see a band of this stature make a bold move like this.  Radiohead has released their latest album "In Rainbows" online and for free, if you want it.  They will also accept whatever amount you wish to pay for the songs.  Brilliant!

Bertis Downs, manager of R.E.M., says "This is the sort of model that people have been talking about doing,
but this is the first time an act of this stature has stepped up and
done it. . . . They were a band that could go off the grid, and they
did it."

Just watch what happens when they launch their tour!  Tickets, t-shirts, hats, box sets, other goods – watch the cash register ring.  KA-CHING

LA Times reported the story on Sunday.

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  1. Sebastien says:

    What is so brilliant about an already billionaire band who decide to give their new album? There is probably 10 million bands out there who give their music for free for years now. I was in a band. I gave my music. I also provided a CD copy for 5$. Did anyone said : «oh my god this band is so brilliant!». No. They said : «They give their music because no one care!»

    Radiohead, Madonna, Kiss, U2, Linkin Park, Metallica – whoever you want – are already rich with the old «system». Now they try to make a statement to the music industry? To my opinion it is just pure bullshit. Just another marketing idea.

    What is wrong today is people who don’t even know the value of a song or an album. If you can pay for a Pepsi or a Doritos why can’t you pay 99 cents for a song? To me it’s a pretty fair deal. For a complete album : 9,99$. What’s wrong with that?

    Why does Radiohead asked for people to give what they want? As an artist – if you can’t put a price to your own product I think you are just stupid. «C’mon, give me whatever you want». If they want to play that game then I will give them whatever I want for the next tour, shirt, old albums, etc…

  2. fRew says:

    I agree with you man. Coffee, chips a hot dog what ever…..

    Its all consumed, then the body disposes. Depending on your back up habits. Music Lasts for ever and costs less…

  3. Boy at Heart says:

    I don’t think Radiohead are trying to prove anything here. They are simply acknowledging that the majority of people won’t pay for music (sad as that is), but they know people will pay to see a live show, so they get people interested that way.

    You do have a point about them already making their money with the old system thought because this has enabled them to have access to the resources required to sell thousands of tickets, play big world tours and publicise it massively.

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