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Putting your money where your mouth is

It is one thing to talk about the impact of technology on the music business, and it is another thing to actually do something positive with it. The video clip below describes some of the work that we have been doing here at Berklee to address the opportunities brought about by technology on the business of music education.


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  1. Maxine says:

    BerkleeMusic.com Stats are great but, what this online school needs to focus on right now is accepting/approving Federal Financial Aid and Federal Student Loans. Why? Some people (aspiring musicians/students) aren’t able to receive grants or loans without Federal assistance. I myself am a prime example. Wanting to learn more and not being able to is painful.
    I have wanted to attend BerkleeMusic.com for over 4 years now but, unable to because of lack of money. I want to get a Master Certificate in Guitar and Songwriting. Guitar is My passion; with a bit of singing on the side. I have been denied over and over for non-federal loans; and no one will co-sign. I’ve come to realize that anytime I apply for Federal Grant or Loan, it is somehow always available.
    Their Financial Aid Department needs to focus on accepting Federal assistance.

  2. Kydee says:

    I completely agree with Maxine. My hubby and I would like to take some courses there also, him for Guitar also, and myself for Music Theory, but we can’t get loans, and like Maxine, no one will co-sign. This is something my hubby is very passionate about, and if I had the opportunity, I would be too. Get Federal Aid, please!!

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