"There is an art to this sh*t. You know that. It’s the corporate
bosses that forget that fact. But it’s not just music – we have this
problem plaguing every aspect of our culture.  Yes content needs
work, yes marketing needs work, but it is the sales teams that need to
be re-educated and motivated and inspired and creative. And it’s not
happening because they are being led by business oversight guys.
Content guys should be running companies, marketing guys should be
running companies, who put business oversight guys in charge?  Wall Street that’s who. Wall
Street continues to love and reward and worship short term success for
some reason. As the culture and the economy and all our fathers’ and
grandfathers’ and hundreds of years of hard work get trashed in a
generation or two. The tail is wagging the dog. Wall Street should not be calling the shots. When did Wall Street ever write a song? Paint a picture? Make a movie? Play a song on the radio that changed somebody’s life?  Where are the music people?  I see lawyers, accountants, test marketers running the world. Where is the emotional connection?  Where
is the passion? This ain’t about JACK or BOB or Moe or Larry or Curly.
It’s about you. Everybody in this room. You are here because you are
connected emotionally.  This ain’t Harvard Business School. It’s f*cking Rock and Roll!"

Little Steven Rants on state of radio

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