When we think of YouTube, we think of covers, viral videos, and music videos. But, while a lot of the content on YouTube is primarily entertaining, you can also find and learn almost anything from YouTube videos. There’s a wealth of information for musicians from Pro Tools tutorials, song playthroughs, and gear reviews, to presentations, marketing strategy breakdowns, and interviews.

As musicians today, we live in one of the most incredible music environments. You can literally pick up a new instrument or program, watch a few videos, and be well on your way to becoming proficient. If you want to try out Twitter ads to promote your music you can probably find a video tutorial on YouTube. You can watch interviews with your favorite songwriters to learn some of the secrets behind their incredible songs. And you can watch your favorite band go through their gear and learn how they get their signature sound.

“I don’t know how,” isn’t much of an excuse anymore, and that’s a good thing. I’ve said it before, but as a musician, you should never stop learning, and today, free resources like articles, music blogs, and YouTube are really enabling you to reach your dreams.

A lot of you have found the free lessons that I have been releasing really helpful, so I wanted to let you know that you can get even more free content over on the New Artist Model YouTube channel. Learn quick marketing strategies that you can apply to your music career immediately, learn more about copyright, publishing, or gigging, and get tips from some of the most successful musicians and music industry folks out there.

I’ve posted a lot of the webinars I’ve hosted over the past year or so on the New Artist Model YouTube channel as well including my interviews with Benji Rogers of Pledge Music, Alex Mitchell of Audiokite, Shamal Ranasinghe of Fluence, Kevin Breuner of CD Baby, Jack Conte of Pomplamoose and Patreon, DJ Hapa, and house concert master Shannon Curtis.

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