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5 ways to boost engagement on Facebook

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement on Your Musician Page

Boost Facebook engagement and get more attention for your music With organic reach declining as a result of more content being shared, Facebook is largely becoming a pay to play platform. While this makes it harder to reach your fans without…

Music Industry Jobs of the Future

Music Industry Jobs of the Future Billboard recently posted an article about the music industry jobs of the future and it is fascinating and brilliant! The music industry jobs of the future are all about Storytelling, Playlisting, Content…
self release an album

How to Self Release An Album

One of the biggest questions I get all the time is "How do I self release an album?" The truth is, today it's easier than ever to release your own music without the help of a big record label. But, there's a difference between just releasing…
future of music
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The Future of Music Book and Podcast

The Future of Music - by Dave Kusek and Gerd Leonhard The Future of Music book is available in various forms.   You can buy the book on Amazon.   You can purchase the audiobook from Audible.   You can listen…
6 Songwriting Tips

Help! I'm Writing a Song - 6 Songwriting Tips to Write Your Next Hit

Writing a song might sound like a fairly easy thing to accomplish, and sometimes it can be. But not every time. Sure, there are only 11 notes in the scale, but there are a seemingly infinite amount of combinations waiting to be discovered.…
How to sell more music with landing pages

How to Sell More Music with Landing Pages

Today I want to talk to you about selling more music. (Or merch… Or tickets.) More specifically, I want to key you in on one of the most effective ways to get fans to take that next step and support you. Surprisingly enough, this tool…
10 Ways to Grow Your Email List for Musicians

Musicians: Here's 10 Ways to Grow Your Email List

As an indie musician, if you don’t have an email list (or you have one and never use it), you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Compared to social media - where most of your posts can get lost in the feed never to be seen again - email…
creative entrepreneurs
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Advice for Writers and Other Creative Entrepreneurs

A massive shift in the publishing business is empowering today’s writers and creative entrepreneurs in ways that were simply not possible in years past. Reaching readers directly has never been easier, and the writers who know how to take…
Make Money from Music Licensing

Music Licensing: The ONLY 3 Things You Need to Make Money

A lot of musicians see music licensing as this big, super-intimidating goal. Maybe you feel like you need to have a publisher before you can start. Or perhaps it seems like you need to have a catalog of at least 50 songs before you can…
Content marketing for musicians

Content Marketing for Musicians: How to Get More Superfans

Marketing and promoting your music is a task every musician has to face throughout their career. But it’s also the one thing many musicians wish they never had to do again. With all the noise out there it can really feel like no one's…
email marketing for musicians writing emails your fans will love

Email Marketing for Musicians: Writing Emails Your Fans Will Love

Email is one of the best ways to get in touch with your fans and promote your music these days. But make no mistake, this isn’t a 100% thing. Most people get hundreds of emails per day. The big question is, how do you stand out? How do…
tv radio interview tips
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Top 20 TV Radio Interview Tips

When you are promoting a show or a tour or an album you may get the chance to be on TV or the Radio. I’ve been on TV Radio Interviews many times and got media training that really helped. Here are my top 20 TV Radio Interview tips that…

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