Back to the 90s – 20 Million Views and climbing…

Take a look at what New Artist Model member Jensen Reed and his partner Ben Giroux did with the Back to the 90s song and video. In less than 2 days they have over 20 MILLION views on Facebook and climbing. That’s Beyoncé kinda numbers…

Back to the 90s is a parody of the 90s starting with the guys at a yard sale with a kid asking what a walkman is, who is then transported into another generation.

He encounters a Backstreet Boys-like boy band along with a Britney Spears impersonator and so many great references. So well done!

“Back to the 90s is an homage to the decade we grew up in. Through a completely original song, we highlight multiple genres of 90s music within the same track (including hip-hop, grunge, R&B, and boy bands). The project is a love letter to our childhoods, two years in the making,” says Ben Giroux.

Lets give them some love on YouTube and help spread this around the web. So proud of you! #backtothe90s

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