ArtistsHouseMusic is a free, comprehensive, and interactive online community for musicians and music business enthusiasts.

ArtistsHouse provides expert advice from some of the most successful music entrepreneurs and educators in the country. Songwriting basics, how to book and promote gigs, the ins and outs of copyrighting and contracts, how to audition successfully, and how to become an effective music educator are just a few of the myriad subjects covered on the site. The site’s conception and funding for its development comes from The Herb Alpert Foundation.

Named after the 1960s SoHo performance space founded by legendary saxophonist and 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner Ornette Coleman, builds on Coleman’s original vision of a communal and collaborative approach to creating music. The Artists House site captures the same spirit as its SoHo incarnation, in a version fit for the online world.

“When I was a young musician in 1950s Los Angeles, there were very few places to turn to for advice or knowledge on how to break into the music business,” said world-renowned trumpet player and music icon Herb Alpert. “ fills a giant void in the online music education community. For the first time, expert information on building a career in music is accessible to everyone through the ease of the internet. This information would have been invaluable to me early on in my career."

As the music business continues to evolve, artists are increasingly taking their careers into their own hands. is unique for its cutting edge technology, appeal to musicians of all genres, and for addressing an extensive array of careers in music.

Said veteran producer, founder and Artists House president John Snyder, “Today, it’s more important than ever for artists and music business entrepreneurs to take control of their own careers by educating themselves on the emerging technologies, techniques, and music business trends that are driving the future of music. is Music Education 2.0—a vast, interactive online resource center providing professionals and beginners with free, expert, and in-depth information to build a career in the music business.”

Check it out here.

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