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The Art of the Cover Song – Using Covers to Grow Your Audience

The Art of the Cover Song - Using Covers to Grow Your Audience

Free Webinar April 26th at 4PM EST For a lot of musicians, there’s a bit of a love/hate relationship going on with cover songs. On one side of the equation, it’s fun and insightful to cover other people’s songs and, if you pick the right song, fans will really go crazy when they hear a […]

How to Promote Your Music

Musician Power Tools

The internet has opened up endless possibilities, and, while that may seem daunting, it really allows you to experiment and let your creativity run wild! The key is to learn from the promotions you run, make changes, and fine-tune them to your unique career. Let’s take a look at some basic strategies you could be using to […]

4 Ways to Make Band Practice More Efficient

4 ways to make band practice more efficient

When it comes to band practice, practice only makes perfect if you use your time efficiently. Many bands get together with the initial intention to practice for a few hours, but get distracted and goof off, resulting in little or no progress. And other times we end up just playing what’s comfortable instead of pushing […]

Tips for Emailing Music Bloggers (And Other Industry Professionals)

emailing music bloggers

Emailing music bloggers and other industry people like press outlets and record label execs is just downright frustrating for a lot of indie musicians. More often than not, you put all this time into your emails, and then when you hit the send button, you never even get a response. There are a lot of […]

5 Creative Band Merch Ideas Your Fans Will Love

creative band merch ideas your fans will love

Merchandise is a great way to make money as a musician and express your personality as an artist. Of course, there are those standard band merch items every artist should sell – like T-shirts, hoodies, and CDs – but more than ever, musicians are branching out and releasing creative and exclusive merch items. Why bother? […]

What Authors Can Learn From the Music Business

what authors can learn from the music business

Recently, I was interviewed by Joanna Penn, self-published author and indie advocate and educator for writers, about the music business and the changes that have occurred in the music industry which preceded the shift in digital publishing: Physical to digital formats and now streaming and micro-payments; musicians choosing to go indie instead of joining big labels; […]

Instagram for Musicians: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Instagram for Musicians

Social media is one of the most effective marketing channels for musicians. With over 500 million users – 300 million of which are using the app every day – Instagram is a great way to engage with and grow your audience. That being said, if you’re not using Instagram correctly it can be a major […]

How to Make Free Music Make Money

free music

Technology. It’s provided a lot of really cool opportunities for musicians. I mean, now you can create incredible quality music with your laptop, you can release that music to the world with the click of a button, and you can connect with a global fanbase from your home. But – and this is the big […]

Tour Checklist: 5 Things You Must Have Before You Go on Tour

tour checklist

Going on tour is a big step in your career as a musician. It’s a great way to monetize your existing fans and reach new fans. But, it’s also possible that your first tour may not go exactly as planned, so you need to prepare accordingly. Going on tour can be a lot of fun, but […]

How to Use Facebook Ads to Build Your Email List

how to use Facebook ads to build your email list

Social media is great for musicians – it gives you the ability to interact with your fans and promote your music to a well-targeted audience. Even with all of the benefits, social media sites come and go. However, one thing seems to remain constant – email. This is why the most important asset you’ll ever have […]

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