Do You Know Your Buyer Types? Getting Corporate Clients (Part 2)

TEAM Talk - Do You Know Your Buyer Types?

(This issue is derived from a series TEAM CEO & Founder Gary Gray wrote for Tunecore. Click here and here to read the original, full articles.)

Last week, we covered three elements of the method I’ve developed over the years so that you can bring in more clients and get those clients to come back to your home studio again and again.

Everything we talked about last week is what I like to call your “foundation.” So this week, I’m going to share with you a fool-proof, tried-and-tested system for consistently closing corporate clients for your home studio. This system comes down to — do you know your buyer types?

Understand The Two Basic Buyer Types to Get More Clients for Your Home Studio
Sales is a subject that many people shy away from. I’m not surprised. Immediately the image of the sleazy used car salesman may come to mind.

And you might be thinking, “What do sales and buyer types have to do with producing music for corporate clients?”

But over the years I’ve learned this: if you don’t know at least the ‘Two Basic Buyer Types’, you could be missing out on at least 40% of potential sales. This knowledge is vital to getting (and CLOSING) corporate clients for your music.


  1. The All-Business Buyer Type
  2. The Emotional Buyer Type

Half of sales is correctly identifying the correct buyer type.

The other half of sales is knowing how to approach each buyer type and doing so effectively.

Both buyer types come to the table with the same thing, and both are looking for the same thing.

They both come to the table with fear.

They are both looking for someone they can trust. The way you win over that trust is where they differ.

The All-Business Buyer Type
The All-Business Buyer Type is a person who, in order to earn their trust, wants accurate and useful facts. They appreciate a person who has done their homework, and they expect you to be fully prepared for a meeting.

When they ask a question, they want either one of two things. 1.) the accurate and factual answer, devoid of any sizzle or story or dressing, or 2.) if you don’t know the answer, they want you to say up-front that you don’t know the answer (but that you will do everything you can to quickly research the correct answer and get back to them with your findings). Trying to cover-up that you don’t know the answer to a question will be 100% transparent to the All-Business Buyer Type and you will absolutely lose the sale.

The Emotional Buyer Type
The Emotional Buyer Type is a person who, in order to earn their trust, wants someone they can look to for advice, who welcomes guidance, a helping hand, who is receptive to and feels good about receiving honest and sincere compliments (key words: honest and sincere). This is a buyer who will accept your offer for a business lunch and who feels the lunch speaks highly of you and your goodwill, who likes to share pertinent stories about the subject at hand, and wants to know they can trust you almost as a friend.

Today’s Takeaway:
Just knowing the first two Buyer Types and the correct approach to both is extremely eye-opening, isn’t it? You can see that, if you approach an “All Business” Buyer like an “Emotional” Buyer, you lose that sale before you even begin. Same goes for approaching an “Emotional” Buyer like an “All Business” Buyer. And those that approach lessons about the business and sales side as intensely as they approach mixing and mastering, achieve a much higher level of success.