Taking the leap from a day job to a full time career in music can be scary, after all, you’ve got bills to pay. However, not only is a career in music possible, there’s also a ton of musicians out there already doing it!

Will Dailey is an independent, Boston-based recording and performing artist. He is a three-time winner of the Boston Music Award for Best Male Singer-Songwriter and has released albums with Universal, CBS Records, Wheelkick Records, and JS Music Group. His new album, National Throat, was released on August 26, 2014 debuting in the Top 20 on the Billboard New Artist charts, the highest charting position of Will’s career. The album was made in collaboration with fans through a PledgeMusic campaign.

Will Dailey is proof that a full-time music career is possible. Not only that, music can also be a very reliable and sustainable income stream for the dedicated musician. Dailey has used Pledge Music, an online direct-to-fan community that allows artists to connect with their fans through the entire creative process, to build a loyal fan base while simultaneously raising money to fund his projects.


If you’d like to learn how make music your full time career, check out this free webinar interview with Will Dailey, and Benji Rogers and Jayce Varden of Pledge Music. They discuss how independent musicians can make music full-time and how to create direct-to-fan relationships to help them build their careers. They also talk about fan patronage and cultivating fans throughout the recording and release process.

The webinar will run September 3 through September 12. Sign up for the webinar here: http://newartistmodel.com/webinar .



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