"There has never been a more exciting time to work in the music
business. Digitalisation gives customers more music in more formats,
whenever they want it, wherever they want it, presenting an enormous
business opportunity for the music and entertainment industries as a
whole." – Event director for Music Matters, Jasper Donat

A significant number of north Asians are already embracing digital technology, especially the young.

The study indicated that 42% chose digital devices like iPods, MP3
players, mobile phones and PCs as their primary mode or device for
listening to music.

"If young people are the future of music, that future is a digital
one," Lee said, noting that 43% of them expect all their music in
digital formats in five years’ time and a further 37% saying they might
be, too," he said.

"The numbers were much higher for the under 25s where about 87% chose
digital devices. About 44% of those aged between 25 and 39 chose
digital while only 12% of those aged 40 and above did so. This shows
the trend will only get stronger as the young people increase in age
and spending power," he added.

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