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New Artist Model member Matt Powell
New Artist Model member Declan O'Shea
New Artist Model member Rishi Deva and Parvati
New Artist Model member Luis Hernandez of Pentagram Records
songwriters kickstart

Eight ways to start your next song

What is the best way to start writing a new song? Opinions differ…
social media hell
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Managing Your Own Career - Music Connection Interviews Dave Kusek

Managing Your Own Music Career - Music Connection Interview with Dave Kusek

I had the good fortune of being part of a great article on managing…
The Magnifiers and New Artist Model member Margret Dombowski
New Artist Model member Justin Ratowsky of CaliConscious
New Artist Model member Shannon Curtis
Eric John Kaiser
new artist model member mike sullivan
Musician Power Tools

How to Promote Your Music

Promote your music with the New Artist Model         The…

How to Book Your Own Gigs

Learn to book your own gigs with the New Artist Model Gigs.…
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Startups Not Students - Boston Globe Article

Part of my thinking behind the New Artist Model online music…
promote your music on social media

How and When to Post on Social Media

Let's talk social media. It's something we all do as artists,…
self release an album

How to Self Release An Album

One of the biggest questions I get all the time is "How do…
Feature.fm: The Value of Music Promotion

Feature.fm: The Value of Music Promotion

This article is written by our friends at feature.fm. feature.fm is…

Sync Licensing for Indie Musicians

There are a lot of musicians who dream of scoring a sync…

The History of Listening: Infographic

Since the beginning, the way we consume and experience music…
Group of musicians talking and laughing

3 Areas of Networking that Successful Artists Master

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. You’ve…

The New Artist Model YouTube Channel

When we think of YouTube, we think of covers, viral videos,…

Music Strategies: Following Through

Image via Paul Katcher on Flickr There are a ton of music…
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Making Inspiration as a Songwriter

There’s a concept in music called “making it.” You…

Professional Musician vs Hobby Musician

There's an interesting divide among musicians. For some,…
Inside Abbey Road

Inside Abbey Road Studios

If you like the Beatles you have to check this out. If you…
frequency and repetition

Frequency and Repetition

DUH! This just in... Researchers find most popular chart…

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