The Pew research team reports that most online purchasers spend about $10 per month for digital subscriptions, paid content and access to paid media.  However, the heaviest users spent much more per month.

– 65 percent of internet users have paid for online content

– 33 percent of internet users have paid for digital music online

– 33 percent have paid for software

– 21 percent have paid for apps for their cell phones or tablet computers

– 18 percent have paid for digital newspapers, magazines, or articles

– 16 percent have paid for videos, movies, or TV shows

– 10 percent have paid for e-books

Clearly the reluctance of people in the past to pay for online digital content is no longer a barrier to selling content online.  And as others are seeing in online music sales, the market is stratified and there are some people willing to pay a lot more than others in order to get their digital content.  Often 10-20 times more.

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