Ariel Hyatt, expert music publicist, discusses the important of building, maintaining and knowing your Community as an artist. The story of “What Are Records” and “The Samples”.

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  1. Lafe says:

    “…not just the fans, but radio…” That revelation really hit home for me. We’ve enjoyed tremendous support from acoustic radio hosts, but until I heard the above statement I didn’t think of them as part of my community.
    Of course they are. They “get” me, and I “get” them.
    Thanks for this Seth. (and Ariel)

  2. Wicked D says:

    It seems this would come natural to artists in this social media age, but so many of them still don’t get it.
    9th line in my recently published, Oath of the Indie Musician states, “I am actively involved in my community.”

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