An editor at Performing Songwriter takes the Future of Music course.

"By far the biggest benefit of the online course was the wealth of information.  The class took us from music industry basics, including topics like ‘What is Music,’ all the way to intricate copyright laws, RIAA legal battles (past and present), and the effects (good and bad) of downloading and P2P file sharing on the industry.  The course concluded with historical perspectives, business plans and suggested strategies for a future career in music, encouraging students to explore possibilities and take advantage of new opportunities offered in the digital age.  It was inspiring, and also reassuring, to hear how musicians could use downloading and file sharing to promote their music and actually boost album sales.

Another obvious benefit of the course was the flexibility of time and location.  The students hailed from cities across Europe and North America, with jobs ranging from lawyers and other professionals to students and folks working while trying to make a go of it with bands or solo careers."

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