“David Kusek has an amazing grasp of where today’s music business resides, where its been and where its going. He has a unique ability with factual analysis to cut through the hype and buzz and  give us all a clear picture of what is actually taking place in today’s environment.”
– Terry McBride, CEO Nettwerk Productions

"The billions of songs downloaded from the Web monthly has shown
that the digital music revolution is well underway. The Future of Music
shows us where this is all headed and how music fans and artists are
going to benefit from the new paradigms and new business models that
are emerging."

-Ted Cohen, Senior Vice President, Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music

"Some may find this book controversial while others will consider it
prophesy. Kusek and Leonhard have managed to tap into the problems-and
possibly the solutions-of an industry at the crossroads. For those of
us who left the record business to go into the music business, video
games are the new rock ‘n’ roll. But no matter where this revolution
begins or ends, the industry must learn to respect and react to its
consumers. This book contains valuable insights for us all."

-Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music, Electronic Arts

I know of no other text that as beautifully and concisely presents
the fundamental challenge that music now faces. This book is essential
for anyone who wants to understand what is at stake in this debate."

-Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law, Stanford University and founder of Creative Commons.

"Amid all the shouting and confusion, along comes The Future of
Music, which in a calm and clear voice explains the essential issues
roiling the music business today. Most importantly, this is written
directly for musicians and their fans, rather than business people in
the music industry. If you want to know what you’re getting into as you
develop your music career, and where music will be coming from in the
future, you have to read this book."

-Gary Burton, Grammy-winning vibraphonist

"The Future of Music clearly and succinctly explains what will
happen to the way we consume music. Anyone who is planning to listen to
music from shiny pieces of plastic in the future will be in for a big

-Dave Goldberg, SVP and GM, Music, Yahoo!

"The Future of Music offers an enticing and provocative vision for
the future of an industry in dire need of reinvention. For newcomers
and industry veterans alike, Kusek and Leonhard paint a picture of
tomorrow’s music business that is at once dynamic, challenging, ever
changing, and unlimited in its potential. What else would we wish the
future to be?"

-Eric Beall, VP, Sony/ATV Music

"Kusek and Leonhard lay out critical visions of the past, present,
and future. A must-read for music and media culture futurists."

-Mike Dreese, CEO, Newbury Comics

"As a veteran of the wars between the mighty music publishing
conglomerates and those rare individuals who still cherish intellectual
property rights, I read The Future of Music with great interest. Kusek
and Leonhard have done an engaging job of presenting some imaginative
yet realistic alternatives for an ever-changing industry. Deep down I
hope they are wrong, but I doubt it."

-Steve Karmen, composer of "I Love New York," author of Who Killed the Jingle?

"In The Future of Music, Kusek and Leonhard take their place among
the visionaries of this fascinating industry. In this thought-provoking
and informative book, they take the reader on a journey to the rich
future that music and technology may bring us if we heed their warnings
about wise choices that must be made today."

-Joel Fisch, Senior Investment Manager, Intel Capital

"The Future of Music is now and the authors have clearly seen it.
This comprehensive and controversial commentary is a must-read for
every serious music industry professional."

-Chris Stone: Founder, Record Plant Recording Studios; Associate Professor, Music Industry & Recording Arts, USC

"A must-read for musicians planning to survive the next five years."

-Mark Featherstone-Witty, CEO, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Art

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