Bruce Houghton posted a positive view about the music business at Midemnet that I think paints a realistic picture about our short-term future. Its a good read and uplifting.

“My greatest source of optimism for the music industry comes from the rising musical middle class – a middle class not just of artists who from Jill Sobule to Corey Smith and other artists are finding success on their own terms – but also of indie labels like Asthmatic Kitty, Park The Van, Suburban Home and ABB who are finding success by nurturing great music music and embracing music 2.0 instead of swimming against the rising tide. They are the future.”

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  1. Lee Moses says:

    Hey Dave.
    Your theoretical knowledge is impressive. I enjoy your posts, but never know when you put up a new one unless I go searching. Is there any way to inform your followers when something new goes up? I’d like to do it for mine as well. Please let me know.

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