Trent Reznor gave this interview to Digg recently.

“I can give you free music, and in my opinion, it may contribute to more people showing up to a show,” he says. “It’s not up to me to give you free music, it’s free anyway, you know for anybody that wants to admit it. Pretty much any piece of music you want is free on the Internet anyway.”

“We’re in between business models,” he continued. “You know, the old record labels are dead, and the new thing hasn’t really come out yet. So, I’m hoping that whatever gets established puts a lot more power in the hands of artists and more revenue.”

“If you have nothing in common with American Idol, and you don’t want to be The Pussycat Dolls, then you really don’t want to be on, certainly a major record label,” he adds.

“At every fork in the road that (profits) will be what’s put first,” he comments.”Not your longevity, not your vision. How can we make money from you.”

Connect With Fans + Reason To Buy = Business Model ($$)

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  1. Brendan says:

    Trent always has great things to say.

    I just wish someone more intelligent interviewed him on the issue other than this high school journalist (yes, I recognize its the founder of digg).

  2. Lee Jarvis says:

    I liked this interview, and am a big fan of Reznor’s recent activities and business models. Agreed that it would make a better interview if someone like the BBC wanted a vision on the future of the music industry. I was a little miffed that my question on Digg about his business model was dugg down by a couple of over eager NiN fans who just wanted to know what his favourite colour was etc….

  3. Seth Tehan says:

    I thought this was an entertaining and informative interview. Trent Reznor has amazed me as a businessman the last couple of years. I wasn’t aware that NIN did the sound and music for Quake. I would have to say that NIN and Reznor are one of the most industry innovators out there.

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