This just in from last weeks National Association of Recording Merchandisers connference in San Diego.  More finger pointing and denial from the music industry.  "We have lost a generation."  Wow.  No wonder they are still suing each other over the original Napster debacle.  Very disappointing that they can’t seem to find their way out of the current situation.

"Yet, while digitally delivered music-on-demand
is clearly the wave of the future and the present, record companies and
retailers seem unable to agree on what they can do to make such
technology their ally, not their enemy.

Bainwol believes the main challenge is to
educate young music consumers and their parents that downloading and
file-sharing without paying is not only illegal, but "morally wrong."
He said that suing young offenders, and their parents, as the RIAA has
done, is an effective tool.

"But we have lost a generation," Bainwol said.
"Kids 18 to 25 fell in love with computers at a time when there were no
rules, and they are very hard for us to talk to. The next generation knows there are rules."

How out of touch can you be…

Read all about it here.

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