Jason Herskowitz and Paul Lamere have begun to compile a directory of Music 2.0 sites and businesses that you definately want to check out.  See the Music 2.0 Directory/Wiki

What is a Music 2.0 site?

Yeah, I don’t really know what "Music 2.0" is supposed to mean
either, but I’ve compiled a list of companies that I’ve come across the
are doing something interesting with music online. Some are
subscription services with APIs that make syndication easy, others are
informational sites, a handful are social networks (some arguably not
really music-centric), a few are search engines, and some are
recommendation engines…. and at least a couple, I’m guessing, are
probably not legal.

Music 2.0 sites fall into a number of camps:

Music Services – places like iTunes and Rhapsody where you can
purchase or subscribe to music

Music Discovery – places that help you
find music – these fall generally into 3 subcategories: Social – wisdom
of the crowds sites like last.fm, iLike. Goombah and Qloud
Content-based – recommendations based on the music content – Pandora,
SoundFlavor, MusicIP Expert based – Music recommendations from people –
music blogs, irateradio.com

Music Experience Augmentation – sites to
make your music listening experience more enjoyable – music dashboards
like sleevenotez or Snapp Radio Playlist Sharing – this includes
playlisting sites like MusicMobs, fiql and Webjay

Music Metadata – add
to the data surrounding the music – MusicBrainz, All Music Guide,

Here is another great resource for digital music from Jason Herskowitz.  His site is off the hook!

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  1. Jarrett says:

    I get what you mean… but Music 2.0? I mean that was probably the invention of instruments. Let’s say sheet music is 3.0 and being generous, 4.0 can be recorded music.

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