Given the global nature of the internet, how long will it be before copyright owners who have enjoyed certain territorial rights established in the industrial age, are forced to come to terms with the reality of a global marketplace?  Recent events in the E.U. make it apparent that the rules that have long governed the way the musical pie was split may very soon be challenged.  Nothing lasts forever, and it may very well be that the acane business practices that have determined the way music is priced, made available for sale (or not) and consumed by people may be up for renegotiation or perhaps legislative determination.  This can only be good for consumers and music fans.

A European antitrust probe into the pricing of the iTunes music store could force the music industry to
unravel the complex web of intellectual property agreements which allow
music to be sold across the world.

This could impact the existing catalogs of labels and publishers and could ultimately alter the balance of power in music.  Read more here.

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