Vivendi Universal
Games has reported sales of over one million units of "50 Cent: Bulletproof," available
on both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. In a brilliant multi-format strategy, the
game includes four CDs worth of music, including exclusive
tracks from 50 Cent. More than a dozen music videos are also part of the
offering. "Gamers and 50 fans alike have enthusiastically responded to the
groundbreaking fusion of frenetic gameplay and the lyrical imagery of the
exclusive 50 Cent music tracks," said Cindy Cook, chief strategy and
marketing officer at VU Games.

50 Cent has been on a tear, making movies and diversifying his empire into new physical formats. His fans loved the
"Bulletproof," concept with songs,
videos, and other extras, supporting an strong video game and demonstrating that people still buy music, albeit in disquise.  The product was produced as a collaboration of labels Interscope Records,
Shady Records and Aftermath Records and represents some clear thinking about how to overcome some of the challenges in music today, and once again providing value and convenience for the fans.

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