I heard this song again and had to post about it one more time.

This is a blast from the past (2006) written and performed by MC Lars and inspired by the “Future of Music” book. It is interesting that the point of view represented in the song seems almost like a mainstream idea at this point. Not to say that the financial side of things is working yet, but a lot has happened in the past two years. The future is becoming clearer.

Download this Song – MC Lars

It’s 2006, the consumer’s still pissed
Won’t take it anymore so I’m writing a list
Don’t try to resist this paradigm shift
The music revolution cannot be dismissed
$18.98 Iggy Pop CD?
What if I can get it from my sister for free?
It’s all about marketing Clive Davis, see?
If fans buy the shirt then they get the mp3
Music was a product now it is a service
Major record labels why are you trying to hurt us?
Epic’s up in my face like, “Don’t steal our songs Lars,”
While Sony sells the burners that are burning CD-R’s
So Warner, EMI, hear me clearly
Universal Music, update your circuitry
They sue little kids downloading hit songs
They think that makes sense
When they know that it’s wrong!
Hey Mr. Record Man
The joke’s on you
Running your label
Like it was 1992
Hey Mr. Record Man,
Your system can’t compete
It’s the New Artist Model
File transfer complete
Download this song!
Download this song!
Download this song!
I know I’m rhyming fast, but the message is clear
You don’t need a million dollars to launch a career
If your style is unique and you practice what you preach
Minor Threat and Jello both have things to teach!
I’ve got G5 production, concept videos
Touring with a laptop, rocking packed shows
The old-school major deal? It makes no sense
Indentured servitude, the costs are too immense!
Their finger’s in the dam but the crack keeps on growing
Can’t sell bottled water when it’s freely flowing
Record sales slipping, down 8 percent
Increased download sales, you can’t prevent
Satellite radio and video games
Changed the terrain, it will never be same
Did you know in ten years labels won’t exist?
Goodbye DVD’s, and compact disks!
You know, we just wanted a level playing field.
You’ve overcharged us for music for years, and now we’re
Just trying to find a fair balance. I hate to say it, but…
Welcome to the future.

Here is what I wrote in ’06.

Check out Lars site.

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  1. brent says:

    A loud warning that should have been heeded. He’s right, the old model is becoming increasingly uncompetitive.

    There is so much room for innovation!

  2. Ray G. Seapno says:

    I finished your book and it’s exactly what we are trying to do for the music industry. My group are individuals who are the product of our society, crying for change, from hip hop breakdancers, to grafitti artist, b-boys, dj’s, garage band metal heads, skateboarders, pot heads, dealers, and spoken words entertainers. College and high school dropouts, and rehabilitated christians, all who love music, our only source of commonality. Seeking to come together and build a community of music enthusiast in the file-sharing generation. Your book spoke to me and I will deliver the goods to the public worldwide. I believe in your cause, I will need your suport to launch my website so I can help you deliver your message. We are TIRED of the status quo of music distribution, we want change and your book defined our reasons. thank you…. Ray ‘G’, founder of BlindDog Production, LLC.

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