"It is the year 2015 and you wake to a familiar tune playing softly.
It gets you out of bed and makes you feel good. As you walk into the
bathroom, your Personal Media Minder activates the video display in the
mirror, and you watch a bit of personalized news while you get ready
for the day. You step into the shower and your personalized music
program is ready for you, cued up with a new live version of a track
that you downloaded the other day. It is even better than the original
recording, so while you dress, you tell your “TasteMate” program to
include the new track in your playlist rotation.

You put on your new eyeglasses, which contain a networked audio
headset, letting tiny earbuds slip into your ears. You switch on the
power, and the mix that your friend made for you starts to play. Music
pours into your consciousness. It becomes yours."

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  1. b bailey says:

    As someone who has spent a few years working toward technology (Open Source) that can bring lower cost production capabilities to youth and underfunded talent, I most appreciate the realities and ideas you’ve bottled up in this book. As I think was your intention, this gets my mind juices flowing and helps me inject others with enthusiasm for new business ideas in this space. Cheers!

  2. mindsketch says:

    Revolution in Music and Media

    I just finished Kusek and Leonhards book The Future of Music which is, as the title continues, a Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution. This thing starts the way I think, imagining the possabilities. In this cas…

  3. Fletch says:

    im doing a studie on ur book for my music buisiness class on chapter 5 and was wondering if you could give me a graph or numbers on the sales of records in usa in 2006.

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