Kaiser Chiefs released their new album, The Future is Medieval, on Friday in a very creative manner that is completely customizable by their fans, and with a pretty unique twist, generates income for the fan.

Visit the band’s website, and choose 10 out of 20 tracks and create your own personalized version of the album, place them in any sequence you wish and design your own album cover from pre-selected art.  Fans then get their own web page to sell their version of the album. For every copy their page sells, the fans receive £1 via PayPal.  How about that!

The whole project was conceptualized by the band, Universal Music UK and Wieden + Kennedy London.

Lead singer/percussionist Rick Wilson told the NME, “Is it the future of music? We can’t tell you that. But we hope it might be a catalyst for other people to try similar things. Mix it up a bit.”

Check it out here.