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Dave Kusek

Hi, I’m Dave Kusek and the director of New Artist Model. I’ve have taught music business and music management to tens of thousands of musicians from around the world through my books, live events and online classes. I’ve had the honor of helping people live their dreams in music.

How can I help you?

My latest book Hack the Music Business is yours for free by clicking here.

Co-Author of the Future of Music book, founder of Berklee Online, Passport Music Software and one of the people who brought you MIDI

Choose from our online classes in music business, social media marketing, production and songwriting and learn what you need to take the next step in your career in our music business school.

Many artists don’t understand how the music business of today works. It is all about exposure and monetization. Many are confused by copyright and licensing, quite often indie artists don’t have a strong enough team around themselves and don’t have a strategic plan to grow their career.

Do you find that you are spending far too much time trying to navigate the myriad of business issues and not nearly enough time honing your craft? Most independent musicians today are simply not making enough money. 

The New Artist Model will help you learn music business by providing clear step by step instructions for organizing a successful music career and setting up multiple revenue streams like licensing, performing, sponsorships, merchandise and distribution. Berklee Online founder Dave Kusek and others will teach you proven methods for success.

The programs show you step-by-step ways to leverage social media to expand your audience, start your own record label, production company or publishing company, turn your fans into buyers, energize your super fans, find sponsors and use free music to your advantage. Learn collaboration techniques to book more gigs, build a unique brand, stay in creative control, make more money and live your dream.

  • Learn copyright, licensing & publishing
  • How to manage your time better
  • Crowd funding & financing your music
  • Marketing strategies that work for you
  • Ways to build your audience and network
  • A simple way to create a career plan
  • How to build a team to help you grow
  • How to book more gigs and play more
  • Best ways to collaborate and network
  • How to make money and manage it
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New Artist Model is an online music business school developed by Dave Kusek, founder of Berklee Online. The online school is a platform for learning practical strategies and techniques for making a living in music. Learn everything you need to know about the music business and how to carve a unique path for your own career. Learn strategies that are working for indie artists around the world. Learn to think like an entrepreneur, create your own plan and get the life in music you want. New Artist Model provides practical college-level music business training at a mere fraction of the cost of a college degree. Programs start at just $29/mo.

Are you a musician or business person trying to make a living in the music industry? Learn music business. Do you want to write hit songs? Do you want to start a record label? The New Artist Model online music business school provides instruction and training in music promotion, music management, artist management, music distribution, how to start a record label, booking gigs, booking agent, touring, gigging, live performance, music publishing, copyright and licensing, online marketing, social media marketing, branding, brand building, music merchandise, merch, merchandising, entrepreneurship, business management, artist manager, artist management, music management, recording, digital music, how to get a record deal, get signed, crowd funding, crowdfunding and much more. The New Artist Model will teach a musician, composer, songwriter, producer, promoter, booking agent to think like an entrepreneur and run their music industry jobs and music careers like a business.

Dave Kusek’s New Artist Model is a service of Cowboy Ventures, Inc.