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Learn to Thrive in the New Music Business

Get More Gigs and Connect with your Fans

The New Artist Model provides online music business courses for independent musicians, performers, recording artists, producers, managers and songwriters. Get the business tools you need right here and get started today with Dave Kusek, music industry visionary, teacher, MIDI pioneer, founder of Berklee Online and co-author of The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Generation.

Learn how to find Sponsors and Support

Learn the modern music business, how to promote your music, and licensing, marketing and crowdfunding strategies that will take you from creativity to commerce. Learn how to create multiple revenue streams to support your art. Develop a strong understanding of the current music industry and develop the skills and resources you need to take your music career to the next level and make a meaningful impact in the business.

  • Learn how to go from creativity to commerce
  • Create Exposure and Learn how to Monetize it for the future
  • Build a strong foundation for your musician business
  • Book more gigs and make more money
  • How to get more fans on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Learn how to start your own record label
  • Understand music publishing and copyrights
  • Learn about the new music business
  • Create a plan and strategy to drive your success
  • Learn how to manage your time and resources
  • How to get signed and how to get a record deal
  • Learn how to energize your superfans
  • Make free music work for you
  • Monetize your fan base and turn your fans into buyers
  • Learn music marketing, promotion and artist management
  • Connect with other musicians just like you

Who is this program for?

Are you a musician or business person trying to make a living in the music industry? Are you a DJ or Producer?
Do you want to be a star? Do you want to write hit songs? Do you want to start a record label?
Do you want to be part of the future of music?

Online music business course independent musicians

Performers, DJs and MCs

Online music business course independent musicians

Producers, Songwriters, & Composers

Online music business course independent musicians

Entrepreneurs, Managers and Business People

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Most independent musicians today are simply not making enough money. Many artists don’t understand how the music business of today works. It is all about exposure and monetization. Many are confused by copyright and licensing, quite often indie artists don’t have a strong enough team around themselves and don’t have a strategic plan to grow their career. Do you find that you are spending far too much time trying to navigate the myriad of business issues and not nearly enough time honing your craft? 

The New Artist Model provides clear step by step instructions for organizing a successful musician business and setting up multiple revenue streams like licensing, performing, sponsorships, merch and distribution. The program shows you step-by-step ways to leverage social media to expand your audience, start your own record label, production company or publishing company, turn your fans into buyers, energize your super fans, find sponsors and use free music to your advantage. Learn collaboration techniques to book more gigs, build a unique brand, stay in creative control, make more money and live your dream.

  • Understand copyright, licensing & publishing
  • How to manage your time better
  • Crowd funding & financing your music
  • Marketing strategies that work for you
  • Ways to build your audience and network
  • A simple way to create a career plan
  • How to build a team to help you grow
  • How to book more gigs and play more
  • Best ways to collaborate and network
  • How to make money and manage it
check out the online music business classes

Student Experiences

Artists can’t do everything, at least not at the same time, So I love that Dave has arranged the content in an orderly way so it’s not trying to do everything at once. I’ve already started to strengthen my team in the first 3 weeks of taking this course. It’s clear that Dave is an expert in online learning, based on his experience with the Online Music School for Berklee. The courses have a good mix of video, quiz, and articles, as well as diverse experts. it’s easy to fit in the schedule, accessible, entertaining, and insightful. I can login from phone, computer, etc. I want to follow a system to MOVE forward in earning, credibility, and leveraging time to make an impact.


I could have saved a ton of money if I knew about this course.

After studying music, recording, and business at a major university, I can say that this course covers everything I’ve learned and way more in a better, concise method. Practical topics such as touring and performing, and marketing and promotion are taught in a way that directly relate to my business.

This course provides invaluable information and immediate concepts and practices for running a musician business.

Leslie K.

This is the best time to be an artist. You are empowered in ways you never have been before. You can create your work, distribute it, and connect directly with your audience—all without the requirement of a Gatekeeper. That makes you an entrepreneur.

This online music business course takes you step-by-step through every facet of running your own business as a musician. It’s an insider’s view for independent musicians that’s not invested in old systems and pecking orders and paying your dues. Dave really looks out for you.  It’s all about you, the artist, and making the most of the new methods. Good stuff.

Michael BSee More Here

I enrolled in the class because I work in music business. I’m an artist manager who deeply values artist development and understanding your business and industry. I’m a huge fan of Berklee College of Music, Dave Kusek and the Digital Cowboys, so it made sense for me. It gives you a heads up on what’s happening in the every changing music industry. Once going thru it and doing the assignments, you’ll be ready to take on the BEAST known as the music industry, and thrive!!!! I love the well rounded information and insight that I’m receiving from veteran music business professionals. I also like the assignments because they force you to put all the knowledge and insight into something tangible.


About the Founder

Co-Author of the Future of Music  book, founder of Berklee Music and one of the people who brought you MIDI

Hi, I’m Dave Kusek and the founder of New Artist Model. I’ve have taught music business and music management to  tens of thousands of musicians from around the world through my books, live events and online classes. I’ve had the honor of helping millions of people live their dreams in music.

I co-wrote the The Future of Music book which has sold over 50,000 copies and am a regular music blogger. In that book we predicted the iPhone, Siri and Spotify. I helped to get the MIDI standard started long ago and was a pioneer of digital music at Passport Music Software where we helped hundreds of thousands of musicians create music. I was also the co-creator of Synare electronic drums and developed one of the first digital sequencers.

I have always been an advocate for independent musicians and my contributions have helped make it possible for you to do what you do today in music production, business and independent music marketing.

As the founder and former CEO of Berkleemusic, the world’s largest music school, I have helped teach tens of thousands of students around the world and created hundreds of online music courses. At Berklee College of Music, we won the award for the Best Online Course eight years in a row. I taught music business at Berklee for 14 years and have worked with tens of thousands of musicians to help shape their careers.

I’ve worked with artists, songwriters, performers, promoters, managers, label people, publishers, booking agents, and A&R reps. I love the music business and think this is a great time to be a musician.  I hope that you will  join me and take the New Artist Model class in the online music school for studying music business success.

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The New Artist Model online music business school covers music promotion, music management, artist management, music distribution, how to start a record label, booking gigs, booking agent, touring, gigging, live performance, music publishing, copyright and licensing, online marketing, social media marketing, branding, brand building, music merchandise, merch, merchandising, entrepreneurship, business management, artist manager, artist management, music management, recording, digital music, how to get a record deal, get signed, crowd funding, crowdfunding and much more. The New Artist Model will teach musician, composer, songwriter, producer, promoter, booking agent to think like an entrepreneur and run their music industry jobs and music careers like a business. The brainchild of Dave Kusek founder of Berkleemusic – these online music business classes will help you guide your music career as you learn music and the theory behind independent music success. This online training will help shape rock star entrepreneurs of the future.

Dave Kusek’s New Artist Model is a service of Cowboy Ventures, Inc.