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Last week host of Networking Musician Radio, David Vignola interviewed me about Music Power Network and the Future of Music.  Here is the audio interview along with a link to David’s site.  Great resource for indie artists.

Music Power Network provides a wide variety of music business education, tools, interviews and lots of resources for the D.I.Y. musician. The site also offers an equal wealth of information / education for producers, managers or publishers.


Do you want to create a successful career in music?  How you think about your future is critically important. Always be as positive as you possibly can be. Think about what success means to you and how you can get there.  Define your goals and be realistic in what you are trying to achieve.  Get others to join in your vision and support your efforts.

Be honest and dependable in your pursuits. The music business is a very small world, and it is likely that you will form a network of people that will help you at various times along your path. Treat them with respect and take responsibility for your actions, and you will find a lot of support when you need it.  Often times things you setup at one point in your career, will come around again and be available to cross your path.  Be sure you that the encounter will be something you expect and not an unpleasant surprise.

Make a 360 degree deal with yourself and find ways to generate revenue from your writing, performing, brand, name, activities, and interests that suit you and what you stand for.  You do not want to sell your soul to another entity that will control your career options and minimize the revenue opportunities that you will have down the road.

Build a team around yourself.  It is impossible for one person to do everything that needs to get done. In the case of an artist or writer, you need to write, create, record, and produce art.  You need someone else to promote your work and manage the business side of things. You are forming a musician business around yourself, and eventually you will need help. The team you need will depend on what stage of your career you are at.

Eventually, as you begin to take off, you will need some combination of a manager, booking agent, producer, publisher, lawyer, publicist, agent, marketing person, online specialists, technologist, and others to help you. What does your mix look like? Imagine an organizational chart in your head, with you as the CEO. Who do you need on your team?

When trying to recruit people to your team, sell your vision and art, and get them to join in with you. It is a good reality check to try recruiting people to your dream to see if it resonates with them. Learn to understand, listen to, and ultimately motivate others by communicating clearly. Build a team around you.