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How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably

  • 8 Module Training Program
  • Gain confidence in your booking skills
  • Learn effective ways to identify your venues and markets
  • Book enough gigs at the right price to keep playing music
  • Learn how to negotiate deals and put $ in your pocket
  • See how to get steady work on the road
  • Learn how to deal with rejection and harness it
  • Set yourself apart and get paid what you are worth
  • Learn how to manage your time and focus on results
  • See how to deal with bookers, presenters and promoters
  • Make performing your full-time occupation

Introducing How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably

How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably is an online training program that will set you apart and help you reach your dream of becoming a successful touring musician.

We created this training to give you all the tools, skills, and strategies you need to successfully book your own gigs and make money performing live.

We wanted to give you the SAME opportunities available to artists with agents and labels backing them up. And the CONFIDENCE to book BETTER gigs on your own and get in front of an audience who appreciates your music.

Whether you are just getting started booking your own gigs or have been touring for what seems a lifetime, How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably will offer you easy-to use strategies that will make a huge difference in the types of gigs you book and the amount of money you make from each gig.

What our members say about How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably…

Cecilia St King

Daniela Vazzoler

Ross Sutter

Dan Bernitt

“This course helped me take my daughter’s band from a hobby to a real profession. Although they were young, they were very talented. Jeri helped me realize what bookers are looking for and how to present the band to them so their value was understood.

Now people say the Jessica Prouty Band are celebrities in the Northeast in the underage circuit because they get so many targeted gigs, family-friendly and paying. Frankly, none of this would have happened without this course.

Your program helped me understand touring patterns and booking cycles and the importance of having a plan.”

Katherine ProutyThe Jessica Prouty Band

“My challenge has been creating time for my career while being flexible enough to respond to my family’s needs. This course has allowed me to study at my own convenience so when things come up, I don’t miss out. 

Since taking the course, I’m making more money, reaching more fans and doing less busywork. Talking with Jeri helped me discover the best projects for me to do at that exact moment. The funny part about it is that I haven’t even done half of the course yet and am already I’m so busy with new gigs. Thanks, Jeri”

Khaiim KellyThe Rap Poet

“I’ve been marketing myself and booking my own tours for many years, so I wasn’t sure what your course could offer me that I hadn’t already figured out on my own. I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by how much I learned from the resources you have that I didn’t even know existed and the new ways of thinking.

As a children’s performer being able to do my own booking and not pay an agent’s fee is great for my bottom line. Your course helped me streamline my booking efforts so I can spend more time being creative, which is why I’m in this business in the first place.

For example, you inspired me to think in new ways about my tour planning helping me see the benefits of building upon the pockets of fans I already have in specific regions. Normally I tour wherever and whenever my whims take me. But I see now that this focused approach will benefit me in the long run.

There’s so much information, that I go back and find things I missed the first time around or an experience I had helps me see something you talked about in a new light. Thanks, so much Jeri.”

Judy Pancoast

“Thanks for this gift to the music community! This is the most comprehensive and easily laid out course that I’ve seen. That the TIP that you gave me about getting in touch with non-profits was awesome. Well now I have three gigs lined up with non-profits that have led to mentions on PSAs, public radio interviews, getting on a bill for a WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL and opening up the university markets for workshops. Ha! The tables have turned!! Now they’re calling me!

We tour regionally and I was looking for any way to be more efficient. They eye-opening experience for me was defining my goals and charting out specifically what we are attempting to accomplish and all the different opportunities we have in various markets.

One of the best things about the course was being able to download the discussions and PDFs so I can go back to them. It gives me step-by-step ways that I can deal with booking. I don’t have a business background so it’s good to have somebody like you to strip away all the fluff. A huge for me was the Website Maximizer Bonus. I used tons of those tools to update update everything. Thanks!”

Joel LavioletteRattletree

“This course far exceeded my expectations. You’ll benefit not only from Jeri’s course materials but her wealth of experience and “hands-on” supportive and enthusiastic coaching style. Whether you’re an artist who’s currently managing your own booking, or you are booking for others, this course will more than reward you for the investment you make. Don’t wonder, take the course!

Joanne MartinJL Martin Music

“Jeri Goldstein knows more about how to get bookings than anyone I’ve ever met. Her course takes the mystery out of how to get bookings. I am impressed with her ability to offer excellent solutions for any unique challenge. Jeri’s office hour calls are amazing because of her ability to think on her feet and respond immediately to each participant’s questions with terrific information. I highly recommend this course.”

Jenny Lynn StewartVocalist

“I signed up for the Platinum version with coaching. The best investment I could have made for growing my business.Jeri was able to give me a personalized response to my questions based on her experience. That was very impressive.  Now, I am no longer dreading getting on the telephone to approach bookers.  Jeri has taught me to focus on a few best gigs and to work to develop a relationship with the bookers. If you are serious about being a performer, invest in yourself and your group and take this course.”

Karol BrownStoryteller


It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-time performer, relying on your performances for most of your income or you play part-time when the right situation moves you. Does this sound like you?

Maybe you mostly play gigs around your local community or you might be on the road for months going from one end of your country to the other, playing as many towns as possible in between.

Maybe you are just starting to play open mics and want to move up to the local club in town.

Or, maybe you’ve been selling out 1200 seat performing art centers and want to move up to venues seating 5,000.

The How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably online training program applies to whatever genre of music you play and whatever field of performing arts you fit. It is meant to be applied to your touring situation to help you move to your next desired level in your touring career.

This course is designed to open your mind to new performance opportunities you might not be aware of and how to get booked in the venues you desire.

It offers you new perspectives of how to look at a potential touring market and realize that there are many more gigging options available.

Here you’ll learn how to find them and maximize your tours while boosting your income, growing your fan base and increasing your media coverage.

If you are struggling and looking for that bridge to the next level and some guidance to help you break through… Look no further!

Want to tap into the secrets of professional bookers and get a step-by-step guide with practical, time-tested booking methods that work?

We’ll show you how to reach the RIGHT people and break down tips that will get you negotiating like a pro so that you get paid what you are worth.

How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably

When was the last time you got turned down for a gig or got completely ignored by a venue? 

Or maybe you’re just too overwhelmed and lack the confidence to even try booking those better gigs you know you deserve… 

Or maybe you feel that the industry connections that could make an impact on your career are out of your reach… 

It feels like you don’t know the right people and no one is taking you seriously. 

You are stuck playing the same soul destroying gigs and can’t get booked for fulfilling performances you truly enjoy.

You’ve put in an incredible amount of work but you just can’t move to the next level.

You’re afraid if things keep going the way they are that you’ll have to give up on your dream.

Sound familiar?

Then consider signing up for this program, risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Your Instructor and Coach
Jeri Goldstein

Jeri Goldstein how to book gigs and tour profitably

“Ever since I started booking my college’s coffeehouse many years ago, my life’s mission has been to help musicians and performing artists share their talent with appreciative audiences. As my career grew, I was privileged to present some of the top talents on the acoustic touring circuit, and boy did I learn a lot.

I created this course so you have the strategies you need to book better gigs and create more profitable tours.”

Jeri Goldstein has been working in the music business for over 30 years as a booking agent, artist manager, concert promoter, and tour coordinator. I have booked thousands of gigs and tours at venues like Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, The Grand Ole Opry, Newport Folk Festival, and SXSW. But she wasn’t always so successful…

Just like you, when she first started many years ago Jeri dreaded doing the bookings and making those cold calls to venues.

But she spent 30 years honing her approach. As a result Jeri has been able to book thousands of incredible gigs and hundreds of tours for the bands and musicians she represented and developed a SYSTEM for consistently booking fulfilling and well-paying gigs.

A system YOU can tap into as an indie musician to book your own shows or book gigs for other artists.

In How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably, Jeri will teach you how to assess each market to find the greatest number of performance opportunities, sometimes in the most unlikely places, while you build your audience and connections in the industry.

Jeri will teach you how to MAXIMIZE bookings in each market you choose to tour, turning ONE gig into MANY.

Jeri will show you how to book the gigs of your dreams in ever widening circles so you can tour regionally, nationally, and even INTERNATIONALLY.

And just to prove that Jeri’s method is the real deal, she has used these proven strategies to book venues like:

  • Carnegie Hall
  • The Kennedy Center
  • The Grand Ole Opry
  • Hollywood Bowl
  • The Troubadour
  • The Bottom Line
  • Tin Angel
  • Ice House
  • Club Passim
  • Bumbershoot
  • Vancouver Music Festival
  • Telluride Bluegrass and Folk Festivals
  • Newport Folk Festival
  • Summerfest
  • SXSW

Her artists have used her proven booking techniques to land radio promotions on All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Austin City Limits, Mountain Stage and a Prairie Home Companion among many others.

For years, Jeri has taught at many prestigious institutions and influential performing organizations around the world including Folk Alliance, Belmont University, Carnegie Mellon, Loyola, NYU, the Southern Arts Federation and Arts Councils across the country. Her students are living proof that she knows what she is talking about and can help you achieve your dreams in music.


We created this course for you

  • To give you the tools and skills to book fulfilling gigs and perform live for appreciative audiences around the world.
  • To give you the same opportunities available to artists with big-time booking agents and labels backing them up.
  • To give you the confidence to book better gigs and the confidence to get the gigs you desire and deserve to play.

How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably will give you the tools, skills and confidence to break to the next level as a performing artist.

Jeri Goldstein will take you through her step-by-step system for booking gigs and planning tours. From finding the right gigs, to contacting bookers and securing dates at bigger venues, you’ll learn how and when to take that next step and get taken seriously by venue bookers and agents.

Jeri cracked the code to booking any gig she wanted, and now she is sharing that with you. So you can finally make your gigs and tours truly profitable. So you can get on a bigger stage and get in front of an appreciative audience that recognizes your talent.

How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably will give you the CONFIDENCE to go out and book your own gigs and tours and get paid well. You will learn exactly how to reach the right people in the right way to get those better gigs at the venues that you deserve to play.



  1. Make touring profitable for you by focusing on your interests, lifestyle and desire to create dates and tours that are both financially and personally rewarding.
  2. Learn the ultimate way to differentiate yourself and build the connections and confidence that will propel your career by finding your niche market.
  3. Tap into the secret to booking more gigs by understanding the landscape and what presenters and bookers are looking for.
  4. See how to set yourself apart and negotiate so that you can get paid what you are worth and what you need to earn to make money performing live.
  5. We will show you how to align your personal interests with those of larger causes and market trends to attract media attention and rapidly grow your audience in an organic and authentic way.
  6. How to Book Gigs and Tour Profitably will open up your mind to the kinds of venues you can play including new types of venues you can and should play beyond traditional clubs or auditoriums to open up bigger opportunities for your music.
  7. We will set you on a path to potentially 10X your audience and revenue by expanding the way you look at touring and performing live to reach wider audiences who will truly appreciate the music you make.


Following a proprietary method called “Touring Patterns” you will learn how to maximize your audience and reach your goals strategically.

The course will show you how to plan in two year cycles and how that approach will help you book better gigs and more repeat gigs by planning ahead.

You’ll get 7 different Touring Patterns to build successful tours that work best for you and your personal goals and situation.

  • 2 year advanced planning pattern
  • Prosperity pattern
  • Following weather pattern
  • Location based pattern
  • Time based pattern
  • Hap-hazard pattern
  • Surrounding anchor pattern

We start with working close to home in your local region and how to boost your revenue by working with local businesses, schools, libraries and museums.

See how playing a regular date can be a building block that grows a loyal fanbase.

From there we will show you how to expand your tours by tapping into your email list and social networks to tour where your fans are, and how to build your regional tour around an anchor date such as an important event or high-profile gig, or festival to make your tour as profitable as possible.

We will show you specific strategies to leverage your relationships with your audience and build relationships with non-profit and sponsor organizations to expand your fanbase dramatically and book better and more effective kinds of tours.

We will show you the secrets of how to systematically leverage your gigs and use them to your advantage in booking new gigs.


The course includes a comprehensive tour budget that will help you build your income and control your costs so that you come home from the road with money in your pocket.

Learn the art of negotiation and the power of knowing your numbers and your bottom line to build momentum and drive your dealings with bookers, promoters and presenters.

We will teach you exactly how to work with presenters, bookers and promoters and their staff and the simple steps you can take to become their favorite artist to work with.

See how to easily advance your gigs systematically to avoid unwelcome surprises and insure smooth sailing with every show.

Master the 5 core deal structures including percentage deals, guarantee deals and hybrid deals.

Learn how to blend benefit performances into your regional tour planning and tap into the magic marketing power of playing benefits and getting paid.

See exactly how to craft sponsorship proposals to fund your projects, tours and products.



8 Module online training program that includes video lessons, action guides, benchmarking guides and downloadable audio so you can listen and learn on the go.

Module 1: Tour Goals & Planning Strategies
Set yourself up for success

Module 2: Routing Your Tours
Discover a universe of gigs and opportunities

Module 3: Negotiation Techniques
Make deals that will put money in your pocket

Module 4: Contracts
Leverage your potential before you play

Module 5: Working with Presenters, Bookers, Promoters
Develop relationships that support your career

Module 6: Get Paid Playing Benefits
Secrets to exploding your audience

Module 7: Sponsorships – Additional Income Streams
Explode your marketing power and find support

Module 8: Niche Markets and Targeting Your Audience
The #1 way to set yourself apart

Each Module includes a downloadable ACTION GUIDE to help you immediately put this training into action.

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*All the above in the Gold Version plus

8 Coaching Calls – weekly active group coaching with Jeri – value $2000.

Jeri normally charges $250/hr for her private coaching, and now you have access to her years of touring experience and personalized guidance in the Coaching Version of the course. These are structured Q&A calls where you get to ask specific questions about your situation and your career and get feedback that you can act on immediately.

Exclusive Interviews with Music Industry Professionals – value $1000

Here is your chance to get inside information from Jeri’s personal network of agents, managers, a tour accountant, a theater director, tour managers, a music attorney, social media marketers, and publicists. See inside the business and learn first-hand what these people are looking for.

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Website Maximizer
Value $497

Improve your chances of getting the gig by creating a booker friendly website. We’ll show you exactly what resources a booker wants to see on your website so you appear prepared and professional. 

book gigs and tour profitably

Writing Effective Copy
Value $497

If you struggle pitching your act to bookers and venues, this bonus will teach how to present yourself and talk to promoters. You’ll learn how to make your act appealing to venues and get a more favorable deal.

book gigs and tour profitably

Sample Contracts
Value $5,000

This bundle includes all the contract templates you’ll ever need for performing live.

book gigs and tour profitably

Indie Artist Networking Group
Value $497

Tap into our network of thousands of indie musicians and music industry professionals around the world

indie artist network


How to change Making the Calls You Hate to Make into Calls You Enjoy Making to get the gigs you want.

How to Incorporate the 5 most used Booking Deals into your negotiations to make more money on a gig you thought you might not even get.

How to Set Touring Goals and add momentum to your bookings.

How to Understand each Booker’s Needs before you pitch to them to rise above the noise and help you look like a more attractive act to book than the other acts.

How to Strategically Route Your Tours to take advantage of more media.

How to Become Road Manager Savvy and why Advancing Your Tour Dates, is the most efficient way to avoid the 5 problems that can throw your tour in the ditch – if you’re not prepared.

How to Build More Loyal, More Committed Audiences by Connecting with Niche Markets specifically suited to who you are as an artist.

How to Speak Industry Jargon appropriately so you are taken seriously and make educated decisions knowing exactly what the bookers are talking about. This will empower you to present yourself professionally and negotiate effectively.Learn how to set your goals and plan for successful, profitable tours.

Gain access to a variety of tour routing strategies using our exclusive touring patterns to build fans, save money and create long-lasting media connections.

Download exclusive contract forms for most every situation so that you can get things in writing to make sure your gig goes as planned and you get paid.

Learn how to get paid playing Benefits and Charity Events and how to use playing for a cause as a way to expand your audience and your ability to play in wider geographies.

Understand the secrets to finding Sponsors to offset touring expenses, help pay for new projects and build relationships with businesses and organizations all around the world.

This entire program comes with a 100% 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Sign up and if for any reason you don’t think it’s for you – just ask for your money back within 30 days and receive a complete refund 🙂

We are all about giving value. We believe with your talents and the tools in this course, you’ll earn back many times your investment, possibly during the first few weeks you begin to work with these strategies.

If you are looking for gimmicks—don’t take this course. But, if you are serious about booking better, more profitable tours, using proven strategies, then this course is going to give you a huge advantage and a major leap ahead toward your goals and your dreams! We can’t wait to get started working with you.