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Become a Better Producer

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The Lucrative Home Studio

PLUS Bobby Owsinski's 101 Mixing Tricks!

lucrative home studio

Get Your Songs Ready for Radio

lucrative home studio

Learn to Mix Like an A-List Hitmaker

lucrative home studio

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Lucrative Home Studio
PLUS 101 Mixing Tricks

These two music programs will help you master the business, technical, and creative secrets of consistently producing professional radio-ready recordings.

This online training will take your production chops WAY beyond tracking, mixing and mastering and help you produce your way to profit and satisfaction.

If you’re in a band and looking for a way to consistently get that same radio-ready recording quality you get from high-end professional studios – in your home studio without shelling out a ton of cash, take this course and put yourself in a position of incredible value to any band.

If you want to  attract and retain high-paying clients like production companies, ad agencies, corporate and label gigs, take this course and see how to keep your clients happy and coming back for more.

You will learn how to build a state-of-the-art home studio that consistently produces top-quality professional recordings without shelling out thousands of dollars to go to other studios (that you will no longer need).

YOU are the most vital link in the chain of music production. You’ll learn how to confidently wear the hats of the producer, mixing engineer, AND mastering engineer by relying on your ear, not your gear.

And you’ll learn the easy steps to upgrade your professionalism, identify and attract high-paying clients, and produce your way to a profitable income all from your home studio.

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101 Mixing Tricks
Lucrative Home Studio

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Upgrade your Ear – NOT your Gear

Lucrative Home Studio

  • Online Music Production Training.
  • Taught by award winning producer Gary Gray.
  • Produce Your Next Hit In Your Home Studio.
  • Learn to Record – Mix – Master – Produce.
  • Create Radio-Ready mixes every time.
  • Develop Confidence in your Production Skills.
  • Create a Six-Figure money making machine.
  • Master a business mindset and solid reputation.
  • Find your niche and position your services.
  • Consistently land high-paying repeat clients.

101 Mixing Tricks

  • 115 videos showing you everything step by step
  • 5 Main Modules for Mixing and Music Production
  • Vocals, Effects, Drums, Automation, EQ/Compression, Balance
  • Use on any DAW or console or controller
  • Lifetime Access to the Entire Program Online
  • Downloadable Checklist PDF for each Mixing Trick
  • Monthly Coaching Calls with Bobby Owsinski
  • Dedicated Forum and Personal Help
  • These Tips are from the Best A-List Hitmakers

Who is this for?

Solo Artist or Band Member

If you want to record your own music at home but have been unable to achieve the production quality you hear in your head, this course is for you. Learn how to compete in the marketplace, get the deals you’re looking for, get licensing placements, increase your odds of viral media views, and get your music on the streaming charts.

Home Studio Owner

If you own a home studio and want to land lucrative projects and keep your clients happy and coming back for more, this course is for you. You’ll learn how to confidently produce, mix and master by relying on your ear, not your gear. Learn how to combine the business, technical, and creative aspects of a lucrative home studio.

What people say about Gary Gray…

Been loving the Lucrative Home Studio course and it’s really eye opening for me. You just saved me $14,000’s on new speakers. You’ve really opened my eyes with quite a few things in the ear training as well… moving around the room to find the nodes where the bass sticks out, now that’s a genius idea.


Hey Gary thank you SO much! Working with you is changing my life 🙂 What I’m learning with you is opening my eyes in so many ways – not just in terms of learning the tricks of the trade, but also in terms of dispelling the lies that destroy confidence and creativity.  I owe so much of this to your amazing guidance.


Four of the seven tracks I sent made it into the show, and Eddie asked about putting the ones that didn’t get into the show into the catalogue … I’ll tell you, Gary, when I turned on the show and heard the first song … almost lost it. Lol. Told my students at school, and they watched it too. Really can’t say thanks enough.


I’m really enjoying the course so far. The videos have been awesome. I’m taking notes so I can APPLY what I’m learning right away on an EDM track. I finally see this as an art, and using my ears and tools creatively to get the emotions I’m looking for. It’s a real confidence booster. Thank you venerable master!


Hey Gary! This week, I actually have my first paying client who wants me to produce their song for them. And more that are interested. Can you believe it? Some amazingly gifted songwriters are letting me help them present their gift to the world! Thanks for all you do!


Hey Gary, to say I was impressed would fall WAY short!  The detail and in-depth approach you take to teach your members is really off the chart GREAT. You have a natural ability as an educator and you made it seem simple yet concise. Well done my friend!!!!


I’ve been in the music business for a long time having worked in many major studios on major productions. I’m not an engineer but you’re explanations of the technical side of engineering is really eye opening for me – a musician.


I am a music producer and have been looking for a mentor that could help me get my music placed in TV/Film. You’ve answered a lot of questions I was asking myself. I really want to make a living from my music by following the best mentors in the music industry.


Hi Gary. You’ve completely changed the way I approach music and recording now and my works improved greatly because of it. I feel very fortunate to have you as a mentor, you’ve helped me transition to a whole new working life that I didn’t think was possible.


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge/tips/secrets. Your insight and experience as a producer is most valuable and provided significant depth/encouragement to a budding composer such as myself! Thank you for all that you do and for being an inspiration!”


What people say about Bobby Owsinski

I came upon a project where I needed your straight-to-the-point, battle tested mixing techniques in order to helped me produce a superior music mix. My clients are very happy and I am very proud of my results. 

Your tricks regarding the EQ/filtering of reverbs and various compression tricks have added definition, dynamics and clarity to my music.Your mix tricks are excellent. I wish it was 1001 mix tricks.

John Massari

I just wanted to let you know that I learned a lot from your program. I can hear the concepts you covered in so many of the songs that I listen to on a regular basis.

I also thought the balancing between the bass and kick drum was incredibly helpful. I’ve always wondered how I could get them to lock in a little better in anything I’m trying to mix.

J. Gavin Wike

“I just wanted to take a moment and offer positive feedback for your 101 Mixing Tricks course.

Very solid content. Love that the videos are 8 minutes or less. Love that you made them generalized, rather than specific to a certain brand of DAW / plugin, etc.

Thanks so much! “

David Browning

“I really am enjoying the program. There are so many great tips for mixing, but more important to me are the little gems of information that come out that aren’t actually part of the tip that show your wealth of experience and give me greater insight into mixing. 

I also like the fact that you explain “why” you do things as well.”

Jim Kay

“The course is excellent. I learned ten or so tips that I was able to use immediately that are in almost daily use.

It’s been a great help to my studio. I keep a printout of the tips in the studio and am sure I’ll be using more of the tips as I go.

Worth every penny.”

Clive Culbertson

“THIS IS GREAT STUFF! The highlight of my day/thing I’ve looked forward to since I subscribed to “101 Mixing Tricks” is sitting down and watching/studying/learning from the modules. The content has been immediately applicable for me and is improving my ability and knowledge base to mix. That’s exactly what I wanted and you have delivered.”


“oh man are they good, not just good but great and spot on! They are so worth those precious dollars (or Kronor – that’s Swedish)!

I’m right in the middle of a mix and I’ve already stared using a couple of those great tips that you share! They’ve solved a problem that I’ve been having. . . so thank you!”

Chris Bell

“As you know, there is a lot of information online about mixing but it’s all over the road and generally not from someone with your experience. You’ve done a great job putting these videos together. They’re well organized and easy to understand. This program has opened my eyes to how much I don’t know.”

Jim Bollella

Why Enroll in this Program?

  • Upgrade your EAR with techniques that will save you time and money and set you apart.
  • Learn how to be both a great producer AND a great engineer. (Yes, you can be both!)
  • Learn step-by-step how to mix and master radio-ready recordings from your home studio.
  • Build or upgrade a home studio to industry standards without wasting money (including room prep, plans, gear, and equipment).
  • Develop a 6-figure money making machine with your home studio.
  • Feel more confident in your producing, mixing, and mastering abilities.
  • Turn any space into a profitable home studio and avoid the big home studio myths that will waste you thousands of dollars.
  • Learn how to price your services confidently to ensure you get adequately paid for your work.
  • Get bands and clients willing to pay for your services to come to YOU.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and negotiate with clients and close more deals.
  • Develop a business mindset and solid reputation that will keep clients coming back.
  • Get a system in place to manage your studio’s income, expenses, bookings, and administration.
  • Find your niche and position your services to consistently land high-paying clients that compliment your skill level and expertise.
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This entire program comes with a 100% 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Sign up for the Lucrative Home Studio and if for any reason you don’t think it’s for you – just ask for your money back within 30 days and receive a complete refund 🙂

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