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Easy steps to get started with email promotion for musicians

Easy Steps to Get Started with Email Promotion for Musicians

Email is a big topic (which is why we dedicated an entire module to it in the Music Power Tools course), and it’s something that a lot of musicians put off. But I’m here to tell you that email doesn’t have to be scary, time-consuming,…

Music Theory Tricks Used in Hit Songs

Try out these music theory tricks Songwriting is often simultaneously one of the most magical and frustrating parts of being a musician. Sometimes, the best songs seem to appear in our heads without prompting and demand to be written down…
5 ways to boost engagement on Facebook

5 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement on Your Musician Page

Boost Facebook engagement and get more attention for your music With organic reach declining as a result of more content being shared, Facebook is largely becoming a pay to play platform. While this makes it harder to reach your fans without…
Improve your songwriting

How Music Theory Can Improve Your Songwriting

Songwriting is often a mysterious, transcendental experience when it is going well. It can also be one of the most challenging and frustrating creative experiences in music. Often, songwriting seems almost like a spiritual place we must…

Why You Should Learn Music Theory as an Adult

Music theory is wonderful, exciting, and enormously useful. But for many musicians who received any kind of music theory education growing up, the experience is usually exactly the opposite. Music theory classes can feel one step removed…
Get more fans on Twitter

5 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Music

Image via Depositphotos Twitter is a great channel for promoting your music and engaging your fans online. However, for it to be effective, you need to get more Twitter followers. First off - what you should not do. Don’t buy followers…
Image via Stocksy

7 Smart and Creative Ways to Sell Out Your Gigs

Image via Stocksy First thing that comes to mind when thinking about promoting your music is probably social media, right? Social media breaks down so many barriers for indie musicians to reach and communicate with an audience - and…
know your craft
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Know Your Craft

Know Your Craft So here you are again. Sitting with your instrument trying to learn or create another song - but the process is taking forever! Every new song you learn or write feels like starting from square one with a totally blank slate.…
get the music out

Get the Music Out of Your Head

Get the Music Out of Your Head We all have found ourselves hearing something in our head that sounds so great that we have to play it and get it down on paper. However, once we find ourselves there, the next step of actually getting what we…
break out of your old music habits

Break Out of Your Old Music Habits

Break Out of Your Old Music Habits One of the greatest challenges any musician faces is the plateau. We all know what it is like. You finally start regularly practicing, you make some strong progress with a few things that you always wanted…
how to jam and play with anybody

How to Jam and Play with Anybody

How to Play and Jam With Anybody Trust Your Ear  One of the hardest barriers to jumping in and playing with other people is the perception that there is a “right” and a “wrong” way to play music. This perception has come from…
learn the language of music
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Stop Guessing and Learn the Language of Music

When you pay attention to everything that's going on around you, you'll be surprised what you hear. Stop guessing what the chords might be Instead, learn about keys and harmonic function. This will take enormous amounts of guesswork out of…

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