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Check out these great tips from Dave Kusek. This article is from DeliRadio. Be sure to check out the full article over on the DeliRadio Blog.

1. Run Your Band Like A Business
“That’s a big challenge for a lot of people. Creative people tend to be creative, and want to write music and play, but they often ignore the business side of things. And you do that at your own peril. That’s a challenge for people.

“It’s hard to have a career in music. It’s very challenging and complicated. It’s way more than writing a great song and putting out a great record. You’ve got to get yourself organized, you’ve got to have goals. You’ve got to figure out how you’re going to finance things. You’ve got to figure out how you’re going to promote. And figure out what’s effective in your marketing and promotion.

“So there’s all those things on the business side that I’m trying to help people with through the (New Artist Model). Whether you do that on your own, or with management or a team member, somebody has to be paying attention to business.”

2. Careful Working With Friends
“Working with your friends is always problematic. If you’re in that position, have open communication with your bandmates and team, regular band meetings, about: ‘What are we all about? What are we trying to accomplish? How can we split up the work so that we can get more things done? Who’s good at what, and can you combine what you need to do with that interest or skill?’…

“It’s all about regular communication, being open about what you’re trying to accomplish, and calling people out when they say they’re going to do something and they don’t.”

3. Streaming Music Is Marketing
“Listening to recorded music is very hard to monetize in the way we used to. Yes, you do want to try and sell CDs or get money from downloads or streaming, but I don’t know you can rely on that as your number one source of income, or even your top five, given the environment. So (streaming) is a form of marketing. There is some potential to sell music to people, sell recordings to people, but it’s not going to be your number one source of income. Certainly not in the early stages of your career.”

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  1. Stephen V LACEY says:

    Talk with me this is essential for me,I have a new website under my own label only since February,been trying for a long time online in selling on sub sites and its rare to sell when starting off although I have many years experience as a guitarist,writer and musician.At times it seems that more is made in busking than this when starting off,so I have improved my self and the label by making outreach contacts with BBC television graphics advertising in huge amounts from myself and writing out to as many online places,people as possible to my music and website and I do a number of styles,own recordings,sound producing etc.Soulrushmuzic.As well as advertising in local areas,although online for me is better.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Stephen – sound like you have a log of things in motion. Best of luck and let us know if we can help. Dave

  3. Dean Hailstone says:

    I think it’s important to work with people that are on the same wavelength as yourself. In these circumstances, goals are usually similar and calling people out isn’t necessary. Working with friends who have the same ambitions can be great.

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