Become a Better Songwriter

Do you want to sharpen your songwriting skills and get better at the business side of things? Do that with Songwriters Kickstart. Get the skills and techniques you need to write better songs, including lyrics, melodies, and chord progressions. AND Learn the best business strategies to build a fanbase, promote your music, and get more gigs. With Songwriters Kickstart you’ll learn to be a complete songwriter.

Kevin Thomas, songwriter and founder or Songwriting Planet, will show you the techniques that go into writing great lyrics, melodies, and chord progressions. And you’ll learn how to start sharing your songs with the world and growing a fanbase who appreciates your music with Dave Kusek, founder of Berklee Online. Kickstart your songwriting, become a better songwriter and start building yourself a truly fulfilling music career.


Become a Better Songwriter

Get Self-Paced Online Video Training
Learn to Write Better Lyrics, Melodies, Chords, Structure
Get the Confidence to Write and Place Hit Songs
Understand Copyright, Licensing and Publishing
Build your Fan Base and Kickstart Your Career


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